HELP PC Problem, randomly freeze and buzzing noise

  Frumentius 04:28 22 Jan 2017

PC Problem, randomly freeze and buzzing noise

Recently my PC been randomly freeze (even when under low usage / load), and makes a loud buzzing noise from the speakers. I've tried troubleshoot it but still no solution. What I've done so far; 1. Remove my graphic card and using only the integrated Intel HD graphic 2. Clean install windows, and installed all the latest driver 3. stress test memory using memtest86 for about 3.5hours, Result: Pass all 5/5 test 4. stress test CPU using intel diagnostic tools about 2.5hour, Result: Pass, All green 5. Test SSD and HDD using gsmartcontrol, Result: Pass, No error, no red, no warning

So I'm really clueless here, the last two things that haven't been tested and might be at fault here, are the mainboard or the Power Supply Unit. For the mainboard I've got no idea how to test it, and for the PSU I've been reading online about monitoring the voltage. I do not have any multimeters/multitester for reading the voltage output, so my two only source for voltage reading is from the UEFI (BIOS) and from installing CPUID HWmonitor.

The reading from the UEFI is quite normal the +12V at 12.098, the +5V at 5.096, memory at 1.500, and CPU VCore at 1.020. On the other hand the reading from HWmonitor software is quite strange; CPU Vcore fluctuating 0.7-1.020, +3.3V at 2.016, +5V at 3.468, and +12V at 6.912, only the memory (VIN1) normal at 1.500.

So my big question here is, What could the problem?? Is it the PSU? Is it the mainboard? or is it something else??

PS: PC Specification; - PSU Enermax Maxpro 500W - Mainboard Biostar B85MG Ver 6.0 - CPU Intel Pentium G3528 - One Stick V-Gen 8GB RAM DDR3 - 1600 - 120GB V-Gen SSD - 2TB Seagate Baracuda 7200RPM HDD - GPU AMD, HIS R7 260X iPower IceQ X² 2GB GDDR5 (has been removed since the problem occur)

Sorry for the longpost, hope someone could help. Thanks Anyway.

  Frumentius 10:33 23 Jan 2017

Im sorry thereis a typo in my PC spec. The CPU should be Intel Pentium G3258 anniversary edition.

  Bris 14:34 23 Jan 2017

Try a different mains lead and if plugged into a surge protector then try plugging it direct into the wall outlet then re-seat all internal cables. Remove all non essential USB devices.

Software voltage checks are notoriously unreliable, for example if you had a 12 volt supply running at 7 volts the PC would not even start. The ATX spec suggests *- 5% but some manufacturers will push this a little. The voltages reported by the EFI should be correct.

As you have obviously given the PC a good workout and nothing obvious appears then I think you are right in suspecting either the PSU or the motherboard if you have determined that all cables are secure. The only way to determine if the PSU is at fault is to replace it given that its cheaper and easier to replace than the motherboard and if thats not the problem then at least you have a spare. The only effective way of checking the voltages is with the use of a multimeter and measuring the 12V and 5V wires on a Molex connector with the PC powered. Testing a PSU when disconnected is not advisable as many are designed to provide the correct voltages only when under load.

If replacing the PSU still does not resolve the problem then I would remove the motherboard from the case and run it up on a table with just one memory stick installed and the screen plugged into the integrated graphics and if the problem goes away then gradually add other peripherals.

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