Help with PC, internet either frooze or close down

  skan 08:14 01 Sep 2008


I am not IT knowlegible but 8 months ago got a Dell vostro 400 with window xp and norton antivirus

I have had problem where all USB not work and so Dell apparently change harddisc etc

These days for whatever reasons, surfing internet, open say 2 to 4 taps.
Press something (lonk or return arrow)
the internet all gone go back to desktop or
the glass hour come on but seems to have frooze and nothing is happening for a long time

What is wrong and how should I resolve this problem?
What had caused the problem?

  RFB 12:39 01 Sep 2008

Which browser are you using?
IE6, IE7 Firefox?

  provider 2 12:45 01 Sep 2008
  skan 08:00 02 Sep 2008


Thanks for the info
I am not sure how to check whether it is IE 6 or IE 7 but definately not firefox.
I think it is IE 7

I also went to as recommended by provider 2
I followed and my window updatedis set to auto
I manually update too.

but this morning it still happen
I was typing my yahoo log in and it close down & back to desktop

What can be wrong or what should I do?

  ronalddonald 08:20 02 Sep 2008

when your on the internet, do you have at the top a help button, if you do click on that and click on about internt explorer that will tell you the current version you have. Im using 6 and i dont have problems im using 3 mobile broadband and i use to get problems but i ve manage to resolve all of them.

How old is your computer and how much ram do you have. You could try re-installing the software to get on to the net.

If your using windows xp do a fresh reinstall but first back up your files onto a pen drive.

aftet youve done your fresh instal of xp and sorted out the drivers etc downlaod super anti
spyware from click here

when you ru that you may find that there could malware adware that could be stopping you from accessing the net.

Hope this helps.

  ronalddonald 08:21 02 Sep 2008

vista you have then im sorry i cant really help about vista

  RFB 12:55 02 Sep 2008

You could try installing Firefox. It may be a IE problem.
You can always uninstall it if does not work.
click here

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