Help!!! PC crashing

  Thatslife 12:40 10 Sep 2005

Installed a patch for FM2005 yesterday. An unofficial one I might add. The game froze and I had to resit my machine.

Since then, sometime my PC starts, sometimes when I turn it on I hear the a fan turning but my monitor stays off.

When it does start it lasts a few minutes before freezing again.

I've tried to un-install the patch and indeed the whole game in case that was the problem but there's not enough time before my PC freezes again!

I've restarted in safe mode - hence this post and would appreciate and help you can offer.

P.S. I've just put on pics of my son and not yet backed them up and would be gutted if I lost them.....

  stalion 12:52 10 Sep 2005

if xp can you do system restore without losing your pics

  zarobian 12:57 10 Sep 2005

What OS you are using. Assuming it is WindowsXP you can use the System Restore.

Start the computer in safe mode and point to:

All Program-->Accessories-->System Tools and from the list click on System Restore. This will open the System Restore page. Click next and from the calender select the high lighted date when your PC was working OK. This must be prior to the installation of your game.

Click Restore. Hope this will restore your compuer and will work again for you.

Good Luck and post back.

  Thatslife 15:24 10 Sep 2005


Yes I am using XP home - Just to let you know it's crashing in safe mode now.

  ACOLYTE 15:31 10 Sep 2005

An unofficial patch ,did you scan it for viruses before you installed it?
may be you should scan now click here is a stand alone scanner.

  Thatslife 15:36 10 Sep 2005

No I didn't and I'm annoyed with myself.

I'm using a different PC now. Can I connect my hard drive from the PC I'm having probs with to this one and extract what I need. Then just restore the lot?

  SimonC 15:42 10 Sep 2005

Do you have a proper Win XP install disk?, if so you could do a repair install, takes about half an hour, just boot from the disk........go thru the motions lke you are going to do a clean install (not the recovery console) and when it comes to install it will show you your present installation and give you the option to repair it. Give it a go, it replaces all system files that have changed since install.

Good luck


  ACOLYTE 15:43 10 Sep 2005

You may be able to take the hard drive out and instsall it as slave in the pc your using now and then scan the drive,but i am not sure what the dangers to the pc would be.

  Thatslife 16:23 10 Sep 2005

Got my XP install disk - Problem is my PC wont turn on now? When I turn it on the fan over the processor whirls but nothing else happens.

Any suggestions?????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 10 Sep 2005

When I turn it on the fan over the processor whirls but nothing else happens.

Sounds lik the PSU has gone on the blink rather than your "patch" causing problems.

  Thatslife 16:42 11 Sep 2005


A nice man on the PC world helpline said the motherboard needs replacing and the HD should be fine.


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