Help with Packard Bell hard drive failure

  PINKNOSE 19:24 28 May 2006

I am really stuck! I have a friends' Packard Bell Platinum 5001 PC, serial Number H935700482 ( Specs: Pentium 3 533MHz CPU, 512ram, Phoenix mother board and 13GB UDMA Hard Drive). The problem is the hard drive is just clunking and clicking and not doing anything else. I bought a new Western Digital WD800JB Cavier SE 80Gb 7200RPM 8MB Cache thinking this would work, but the bios doesn't pick the drive up. On the few times the bios has picked the drive up it is showing as a 1/2 GB drive, also when you try to change the hard drive settings to manual in the bios it just locks up. I have built many new systems but I am at a loss with this machine. Please can anyone help me around this problem?

  surfmonkey #:@}© 20:17 28 May 2006

click here have you tryed here

  PINKNOSE 20:19 28 May 2006

Tried there with no joy.

  crosstrainer 20:23 28 May 2006

\\\packard belldrives are tatood at birth in th e factory... sadly you only 2 options one of which is to replace the hdd or take it back to pc world

  PINKNOSE 20:59 28 May 2006

pc world not an option due to the age of the pc. I was aware that packard bell drives are tatood at birth (not really sure what this is but assume it is some sort of custom image on the drive). When you say replace hdd, do you mean with a packard bell tatood one for that system because i have tried to replace it with a western digital and the bios doesn't pick it up. Is there any way around this?

  ed-0 21:33 28 May 2006

You will only have to tattoo the hard drive IF you try to use the restore disks. If you are putting your own operating system on, then it doesn't matter. Anyway this is irrelevent as you can't even get the disk recognised consistantly.

It is quite possibly a bios limitation issue. Going from 13Gb to 80Gb is a massive leap.

If the drive is the only drive on the IDE channel, try this. Put jumper pins on 3+4, also 5+6. So that 2 vertical jumpers on the second from the right and the third from the right. This should limit the drive to 2.1Gb.

So if the bios gets it, see if you can strat to load an OS. If you can then download the software to fool the bios. click here

  PINKNOSE 22:14 28 May 2006

do u mean put the jumpers on the new hard drive ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:29 28 May 2006

Quite simply the BIOS in the PC is too old to recognise a large hard drive (you are trying to swap a 13G for a 80G)

WD Data lifeguard click here
will allow you to create a bootable floppy to install an drive overlay to the disk which will allow the Bios to see the drive.

  ed-0 22:50 28 May 2006

Yes. Put the jumpers on the hard drive and see if the bios recognises the drive and what size.

If it does you know that it's not a tattoo problem.

Then as Fruit Bat /\0/\ and I have suggested, you download the software to fool the bios, so you can install the hard drive at it's full capacity.

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