Help with Outlook 2003 Signature / Stationary pls

  Major Disaster 19:34 10 Feb 2006


I am trying to set it up so that when ever i reply, forward or create a new message in Micrososft Outlook 2003 it automatically inserts a Picture followed by some text.

I have tried making a new signature - and this works for new messages, BUT not replies! I have no idea why.

Any ideas?


  anskyber 19:47 10 Feb 2006

Yes Tools>options>Mail Format under signatures select Signature for replies and forwards.

  Major Disaster 19:50 10 Feb 2006

Thanks for the help but ive allready tried this. I get the text part (although it is aquahed up) but no picture. I have noticed it is in plain text, does this matter?

thanks again

  Major Disaster 22:29 10 Feb 2006

any ideas...?

  Major Disaster 10:14 11 Feb 2006

quick update, i have noticed that i get both text and picture when replying to a html message (with pictures) but only text when replying to just a text message.

Any ideas?

  BRYNIT 10:45 11 Feb 2006

Plain or rich text e-mails are text only and will not allow pictures. You will only get the picture with a html e-mail.

  HMIG 11:53 11 Feb 2006

Have you chosen reply in the same format, for your e-mails?

That would also limit the use of a picture.

I have used MS Word to set up the sig and picture then save page as html. Then use the html address/link as the sig source.

It does though cause havoc if the picture in the sig is large; many network mail systems have limited e-mail accounts. A few e-mails and your recipients accounts are closed due to being too full, LOL, not intentional but a real faux pas!

  Major Disaster 13:37 11 Feb 2006

hey thanks for the input.

HMIG - "Have you chosen reply in the same format, for your e-mails?" im not sure, where could i find this option?

My picture is only small so should be ok (i hope!)

thanks again

  HMIG 10:21 12 Feb 2006

Hi Major

Apologies that was 98 not 2003 I checked, yes I run that option I find it better for the Zimacs mail I receive, though I do run 2003 from my new desk top. Suppose MSoft think everyone has gone high spec now. Also run Lotus Notes as E-mail when working away, Zimacs is the best of the three by far. Hope you get sorted.

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