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  Zaggy 10:06 27 Jun 2004

I use Outlook Express as my browser, and have now installed Opera 8 to replace Express, however, when I try to connect useing Opera I get the message (could not find proxy server for
What am I doing wrong?.

  pmjd 11:46 27 Jun 2004

Quick clarification first, Outlook Express is an email program not a web browser. I take it you mean Internet Explorer? Was this installed by Wannadoo?

A proxy server is used by some ISPs to improve efficiency and make pages available more quickly and sometimes to filter content. Your browser has to be directed to it in order to make a connection. If you look in Internet Explorer under "tools -> Internet Options" from the window that opens pick the "Connections" tab. Pick your Wannadoo account and click "settings". There you might find a web address listed under Proxy. This is the location of the proxy server. If you cut and paste this into the similar place in Opera (sorry but haven't used Opera in ages so don't know where, try the help file) it should work.

Hope this helps,

  Mikè 11:57 27 Jun 2004

Can you confirm the version of Opera you are using, don't think there is a version 8.

  Graham ® 12:49 27 Jun 2004

Email received (why me? :-))

'Sorry, it is version 7 I am having problems with, and I do realise the difference between Express and Explorer but had not engaged my brain.'

  beeuuem 13:55 27 Jun 2004

Do you have the setting in Opera to use the Wanadoo proxy?
Look in Opera > Tools > Preferences > Network > Proxy Servers tab. Check that the settings are as follows if you are using the proxy service.

The address of the Wanadoo proxy is:

click here

The port number of the Wanadoo proxy is: 8080

  beeuuem 13:58 27 Jun 2004

Didn't intend the Proxy address to be a click here!!

The address of the Wanadoo proxy is:
http: // (Remove the space between : and // when you enter it in the Opera settings)
The port number of the Wanadoo proxy is: 8080

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