Help opening dtp files please

  Never again 15:49 26 Apr 2006

I have some realy old documents on a floppy created on a desktop publishing programme which was discarded a number of years ago, along with the pc.

I would like to open them as I remember them being quite funny but I dont seem to have a brogramme to open them with.

They have .dtp and .bak extentions on them.

I currently have a laptop with ms office 2003 and desktop at home with an earlier version of office. both are running windows xp.

Has anyone got any suggestions.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:53 26 Apr 2006

DTP ( .DTP ) - File Extension Information
"DTP ( .DTP ) - File Extension Information

Extension: DTP ( . DTP )

DTP is the file extension for the Text Document associated with Timeworks Publisher 3.x. "
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Never hear of it myself...

.bak is generally a backup file - even way back in the days of DOS.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:54 26 Apr 2006

The top file extensions Windows site
" DTP = Datastorm Technologies, Inc. ProComm Program Patch
DTP = Page Express desktop publishing document
DTP = PageMagic - Publish-It! - Publisher3 : Publication
DTP = Pressworks : Template file
DTP = SecurDesk! Desktop
DTP = Text Document of Timeworks Publisher 3.x"
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  Never again 16:00 26 Apr 2006

The Timeworks publisher 3.x rings a bell.

What would open it nowdays though.


  Diodorus Siculus 16:27 26 Apr 2006

If they are just text, then any text editor should be able to open them - maybe not neat and tidy but at least you can read them.

  Never again 11:12 27 Apr 2006

I have tried opening the file with notepad and word but to no avail.

The documents were a "fancy" list on a poster format of some of the silly things that we have said in the past to remind us that we make mistakes.

As stated above, I'm sure we were running windows 95 at the time, but it could have been windows 3.11, and it could have been pressworks as it was pretty fancy at the time.

I have a version of ms publisher on my desktop - do you think that this might work.

I have no real desk top publishing programme on my laptop.

Thanks again

  Never again 21:07 27 Apr 2006

Thanks pj123.

I'll keep everyone else updated in a few days or so.

  johnnyrocker 13:23 28 Apr 2006

i think if you d/loaded open office you may be able to use it to open the files? otherwise click here


  woodchip 14:02 28 Apr 2006

Yep I would say Pressworks. As I used to use it.

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