Help Online Road Tax

  woodchip 08:37 17 Jul 2008

Yes I know its not Computers, But I know that their will be more hear than any other place that can help with the above.

Question Re Tax on Line

I went to the Site ticks all the boxes, then three boxes to fill in

(1) Reference Number OK then
(2) Registration Number OK next
(3) Document Reference Number where do I find that on the Renewal Form? As many of you will have done it.

  jack 08:43 17 Jul 2008

On the Vehicle registration Document look ast the form and on the site it tells where to look.
Just done mine

  woodchip 08:49 17 Jul 2008

jack I did put the one in the box that the form showed with rings round it. but why would it need the same Ref Number in two boxes on the same page?

I put the ref in the top box then my Reg Number in box under it then another box for a Doc Ref under the Reg Box where do I find other Ref? or do I put the above in again

  woodchip 09:16 17 Jul 2008


Had another look at the online Reg, the Ref number is on the Registration Doc I cannot find that. Is there another way of finding it

  luthier 09:17 17 Jul 2008

I did mine a couple of days ago. If you have your renewal notice, all you need is the ref. no. which is in the left hand column (see fig.1 on the online form). If you have the ref. no. you do not need anything else. The slightly annoying thing I found is that if you try and do it on the day you receive the renewal it won't let you - it has to be done no more than 15 days prior to the old tax disc running out. Was this your problem?

  woodchip 10:32 17 Jul 2008

Thanks will now try that and see how I get on without filling the box in.

  woodchip 10:43 17 Jul 2008

it worked thanks again. I just put the Number in of the Renewal form

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