Help a novice - Drivers/copying a hardrive?

  AdventCalendar 12:47 26 Jun 2005

Bought a new laptop over the weekend and im having a bit of a 'mare with some of the stuff that was explained to be 'so easy to do'.

1 - Ive not got many of the driver discs for the hardware ive got. XP has found and installed most of them, but the "Alcatel Spedtouch USB modem" I have doesnt want to know. It needs to download them from the net, and so ive had to re open an old dial up 1p a min job to get access to net to be able to come on and try and find them....but im struggling. Its this modem:

[img]click here[/img]

Anyone any ideas? cos im on dial up searching through google and it is proving a pure pain.!!!

2 - I asked could I get the contents of my hard drive on the old laptop onto this new one....Maplins said "yeah dead easy" and said i needed to take out the hard drive from the old one and connect it to the new laptop via a USB to IDE adapter. Ive not done stuff like this before, but it seemed easy enough from the explaination. Ive taken out what I believe to be the hard drive, but the connectors on it dont fit the connections on the adapter. Any ideas?

  mattyc_92 12:55 26 Jun 2005

To start off with, it is never a good idea to dismantal a laptop as they are too small and "fiddly"....

You can use programs such as "Acronis True Image" to backup your old system onto DVD-RWs (or another external drive, CD-RWS, etc) and then restore onto the new system the file(s) or the whole thing (but it would need to be re-activated)

Have you tried phoning the support line from where you brought the laptop/modem or even the manufactorer? (sorry about spelling)

  AdventCalendar 13:03 26 Jun 2005

I should have said.....

The old laptop's screen has gone, so i cant just go on and zip files onto discs, and also the USB ports have snapped [dont ask] Hence me goin down this route....

Id have thought the drivers would be easy to find on the net, but they arent....we'll not for me searching on dial up.


  mattyc_92 13:05 26 Jun 2005

I will do a quick search for you.... I will be back in a while....

Just to make sure, is the modem a "Alcatel Spedtouch USB modem"? (you have typed this in your opening post, but just incase of any typos)

  mattyc_92 13:07 26 Jun 2005

I need to know the model version e.g SpeedTouch™ 330 / USB

  AdventCalendar 13:10 26 Jun 2005


This is one of the things thats makin it hard for me to search and find...

The damn modem doesnt have the model number on it, or underneath i only have the picture of it [in the original post] im trying to find one on ebay to see if the model is mentioned next to the pic.

  mattyc_92 13:12 26 Jun 2005

Where did you buy it from? They would know (off the net, at a store?)

  mattyc_92 13:14 26 Jun 2005

Try click here as this has ALL the drivers for the SpeedTouch family I can find (as it is their website)... There is also a "Contact Us" link on that page you could try

  AdventCalendar 13:17 26 Jun 2005


I bought it 4 years ago when i bought my original laptop. Bought it from ebay.

So im again, stuck, in that respect.

Im searching google images now to try and find a model number - but most just call it the "Speedtouch USB Modem"

  mattyc_92 13:19 26 Jun 2005

Does this look like it to you? click here

  AdventCalendar 13:20 26 Jun 2005

click here


Name: SpeedTouch 2440 USB ADSL Annex-A

I have this one myself, and the 1.6 driver has never presented any problems under win98, or winXP.

Drivers for the SpeedTouch USB will work equally well for the Speed Touch 330 (and the SpeedTouch 500 Series with Combo-USB).

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