ßoolian 17:51 22 Jan 2009

Yesterday I was using my notebook (Philips X57) as usual when these red vertical lines appeared at intervals on my notebook screen, the operating system (Vista Ultimate SP1) then froze. Afterwards I held the power button down and switched it off and switched it on again. It was obviously still working apart from the screen because I could hear it ticking away inside. Nothing appeared on the screen, it was on but just a blank black screen. I then plugged it into an external monitor and it worked for about 20 seconds with green vertical lines at intervals it got to the Vista loading screen and then stopped working altogether. Recently I have upgraded the RAM from 2x 512 DDR2 SODIMM 667mhz to 2x 1GB DDR2 SODIMM 667mhz. I put the old RAM in to see if it was an issue but it was not. I have also upgraded the hard disk from 100GB - 500GB. I think it is the graphics card.I think all my data is on the hard drive but I think it is still there. Is there any way of seeing if the data is still there?

This notebook was bought in the 2nd week of February 2007 and there is no PC Peformance on it.

So basically What am I going to do?

Responces Appreciated

  DieSse 18:06 22 Jan 2009

Try starting Vista in safe mode - keep tapping the F8 key when booting.
click here

If nothing ever appears your lappie may have gone to the great lappie graveyard in the sky.

The hard drive may be fine tho'. It's possible to take a hard drive out, put it into an external enclosure, and get information off it with another computer.

Fingers crossed for you. Do you have a backup? If so you'll be fine anyway - if not, why not?

  ßoolian 19:46 22 Jan 2009

Thanks for the qucik reply!
Unfortunately tapping F8 did not work and I am positive my data is safe and I may buy a hard disk enclosure.
I thinks its time to say goodbye to my notebook

  jack 19:53 22 Jan 2009

The graphics on all portable machine is integrated with the motherboard and a repair will be about the same as replacement- so buy a new one and dismantle the old one for the Drive- which can then be used as an external drive by acquiring a 'Caddy' or an IDE/USB cable and power supply.

  ßoolian 20:36 22 Jan 2009

Magically it is working now!

Hallelujah and praise the lord

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