Help with non responsive pc please

  Never again 19:59 11 Feb 2008

My friend finally brought his pc into me and asked for my help in fixing it as he has not been able to use it for the last 2 years!!!

He blames virus infections and he is not wrong.

He keeps getting the dr watson postmortem debugger message and I have turned this off in the registry by changing the Aeopen value to 0 from 1.

I have instaled most of the recommended fixes from a previous thread and run sfc /scannow.

Over 1500 objects were detected by a-squared and I've not been able to run a AVG virus scan yet as the main problem is that now I'm getting an Explorer error (explorer.exe - application error)
and cant open any explorer window or control panel in normal boot, but I can in safe mode.

The pc is running windows xp sp2.
Your suggestions would be most appreciated please.

  jack 20:03 11 Feb 2008

The Simple answer is I guess - Startover if the appropriate Windows disk is available.

  MAT ALAN 20:03 11 Feb 2008

Format and reinstall O/S, no point in trying to fix a PC with that amount of errors...

  Never again 20:07 11 Feb 2008

...but the pc is booting into windows and some programs will run ok such as ccleaner.

surely explorer is just corrupted, but I don't understand why sfc /scannow would not fix it?

It seems a shame to start from scratch, especially if I have to start looking for drivers, etc.

I had hoped that there might be a fix rather than major surgery.

  jack 20:07 11 Feb 2008

If the Windoes disk is not available to do As suggested take a look at click here
May be relevant

  skidzy 20:08 11 Feb 2008

As you have a severely infected machine i would say,format and reinstall the os if you can.

Is there data that needs saving ,photos / docs/ etc ?

Can you post make and model of the machine,you maybe lucky if it has a restore partition.

Problem you may get here,is that some of the infections will reproduce upon a reboot.They will only stop if you can weed out all registry entries,and depending on what infections you have....the entries could be in the hundreds.

We can help but i reckon its best you let the Malware experts sort this one out.

Download and run Hijackthis click here
And post the scan log at Malwareremoval click here

If you can format and reinstall windows,this would be the quickest and easiest route to take.

  skidzy 20:10 11 Feb 2008

Does sfc ask for the windows disc ?

If not,you may have the restore partition and all drivers will be there too.

  Never again 20:18 11 Feb 2008

Sorry Jack... not sure what i'm looking at on your link?

Hi Skidsy, the pc is a locally assembled one rather than from a main manufacturer. My friend has given me all his original disks, but there is no windows cd. I ran sfc /scannow using my windows cd.

He says he has data that needs saving, but without explorer working I can't see any of it?

I can run hijack this but only in safe mode as I cant navigate to my memory stick in normal boot.

  MAT ALAN 20:23 11 Feb 2008

click here

explorer.exe - application error

The error message suggests trojan infection, the link may help...

  skidzy 20:32 11 Feb 2008

Run this,read the tutorial first click here

  Never again 20:36 11 Feb 2008


I have not connected his pc to the internet yet, so I have only got to step 8 when I need to download and run Hijack this.

I'll apply and ok at step 9 and then try to install my wireless dongle so I can get on my connection.

Skidzy, I'll check out your link one I've posted this message.

Thanks both of you.

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