Help! Noisy AMD PC

  Tangy 22:28 18 Nov 2003

I recently bought an AMD XP 2400+ desktop PC & am surprised at the level of noise coming from the system. This is my first AMD PC. All my previous ones were Intel. My questions are:

1. In general, do AMD systems require more cooling fans than Intel? Or is the extra noise only due to the higher processor speed?
2. What can I do to reduce the noise. Is it advisable to disable the case fan & just leave CPU fan running?

Please help. The noise from the PC is so annoying.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:37 18 Nov 2003

AMD processors run hotter so need more cooling fans.

It is possible to get quiet fans / silent cooling mechanisms.

Have a look at for info.

Zalman is one maker of useful products.

  Cretin07 22:42 18 Nov 2003

a bundle of ways to cool your pc down really. and the more powerful a procesor the more heat generated logically. how many fans connected to your pc? mine roars like a hoover lol. as i have 3 fans. a cpu a side and a back one. My idea is dump the whole pc into oil should work. ;)try a thick heavy mat underneath the pc and it might stop some sound travelling, and remove extra unneeded fans i.e. just have 2 if you havent already.

  Djohn 23:08 18 Nov 2003

I'm running a 2400xp The PC is in the lounge and is whisper quiet. It's only by looking at the monitor that I can tell it's turned on.

Twin CPU fan, 1 x PSU fan and one extractor fan, top rear.

They are good quality fans but nothing special. Try to find which fan/s are causing the noise and replace with good quality ones, the difference in sound level will be worth the few pound spent.

My CPU fan cost £25.00 with heatsink, the extractor £9.99. 400 watt.Power supply unit with fan was £40.00. The most likely source is the CPU fan, or extractor fan. j.

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