Help! No signal on monitor after blue screen crash

  John 545 12:34 12 Sep 2018

Hi. Earlier on I was browsing the web on my pc, when all of a sudden I got a blue screen crash with static noise in my headphones. It said it was sending the information to Microsoft, but as I always do, I pressed the reset button. The computer came back on as normal, and displayed the Asus ROG logo on the monitor, but then nothing else. The monitor goes black and says no signal found. I also have the pc plugged into the TV via HDMI, and this also is just displaying no signal. I can get into the bios, but every time I leave the bios I get the same no signal problem. Apart from one time, when I unplugged the hdmi cable and plugged it back in again, and suddenly the computer was displaying on the TV. (As far as I remember I didn't do anything different, it just randomly worked.) However, the screen was covered with these weird green dots, and when I checked I was getting graphics card error 43. I thought to update the driver to see if that might help, so I did this. After the restart following the driver update, I couldn't get it to display on the TV again (or the monitor). I tried both sticks of ram on their own to see if the ram is the issue with no luck. As I have 2 graphics cards (2 780ti in SLI) I took one out and tried with just one in, then tried the other on its own and again no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions for what might be the problem? It has been working absolutely fine before this, and it seemed strange that it would just stop working after a crash like this. Thanks in advance for any help!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:40 12 Sep 2018

windows 10?

power on then off again after 5 seconds, repeat three times on fourth attempt see if it will continue to the repair menu where you can do a startup repair, if it doesn't repair or finds nothing the first time, do the repair two or three times more.

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