Help. No Dial Up Networking icon. Win95

  [DELETED] 22:03 27 Nov 2003

Just reformatted the wifes Win 95 Computer. All software reinstalled and working ok. The problem is I cannot reinstall the internet server because the 'Dial Up Network' connection is missing in the control panel, no icon. Can anyone help? I have the original Win95 disc.I cannot find the 'Dial Up Network' folder on the disc.

It was suggested that the modem had perhaps 'given up'. So I have put a new Modem in and correctly loaded on its supporting software. (I paid a £1 a minute to find this out)

I have been on the Microsoft Support site and have been able via a download to get her connected without using the direct route, but she has to go through ten clicks and alterations to achieve this instead of just clicking once on the Internet icon. Also by using this method it will not allow her access to the internet server hense no updates etc.
Why wasn't the Dial Up Networking icon replaced during formatting the same as the other icons?
Thanks for any help..

  [DELETED] 22:20 27 Nov 2003

Not sure if click here will help.

  [DELETED] 22:24 27 Nov 2003

Is it listed as installed in add/remove programs /Windows setup under communications/ details/ DUN ?

try reinstalling it from there with the disk.

  [DELETED] 22:27 27 Nov 2003

click here as well.

  [DELETED] 22:30 27 Nov 2003

And check the control.ini file click here

  [DELETED] 18:18 28 Nov 2003

Thanks all. Just in from work, you have given me lots to look at. Will reply later.

  [DELETED] 21:25 28 Nov 2003

Patr100, unfortunately it is not listed, but thank you.

VoG, I have been to the sites (and will be returning) I can see the direction the sites are going. None so far say 'Dial UpNetworking this is what you have to do!' If and when this problem is solved I'll let you know.

Do you know why having reformatted, the Dial upNetworking icon was not reinstated in the control panel?

Thank you..

  [DELETED] 17:29 29 Nov 2003


  [DELETED] 18:39 29 Nov 2003

From Add/Remove Programs and Windows Setup tab, click Communications,
and then click details, is dialip networking there?

  [DELETED] 22:02 29 Nov 2003

Thanks spikeychris... Yes it is, and it's ticked. I highlight this and click ok this returns to Windows Setup and 'Have Disk'. I click on this, install from disk. Win 95 CD in drive clicked ok, at this point it just returns to Windows Setup. The 'Have Disk' screen appears with 'click the box next to an item' etc......Components, but it's blank there is nothing to highlight/click on. I then just go round in circles.

In the Win 95 Do you know which folder the 'Dial-Up Networking' is in?

  beeuuem 22:46 29 Nov 2003

Is DUN shown in 'Start' > Programmes > Accessories > Communications?

The folder should be C:/Start Menu/ Programmes/Accessories /Communications

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