HELP - new PC (WIN XP) - CDRW + Pop-up ads

  CLF99 14:18 26 Sep 2003

I have just got new pc - Windows XP - and have 2 probs:

1) Pop-up ads on my desktop when broadband connected. I never had this with Win98. I have Norton Anti Virus 2003. How can I stop these? Do I need extra software? Does this mean people are accessing my pc? Don't understand. I've only recvd unwanted attention via SPAM emails before, not entrusion direct to my desktop.

2) I have CDRW drive and tested it for backing up data. I've copied files onto CDRW disc fine and could access/read them ok, but when (via old pc) I try to copy them back to a C drive to make sure I could recover files if need be, some say 'access denied'. Some allow me to copy and read, but error occurs when trying to change & save file. I presume because they're 'read only'? Would un-selecting 'read only' remedy this problem? If so, I would have to do this to most of my folders on C drive, which I want to backup. Is it safe to disable 'read only' on files/folders on your pc? Why is 'read only' the default anyway.

I've exhausted all Help files for above Q's, so this is last resort!

Thanks for any help in advance :)

  MjM Hellfire 14:34 26 Sep 2003

1. Get a firewall, like ZA 4...which blocks pop-ups and cookies.

click here

Don't have a solution for your 2nd problem. Although I would just get a programme that copies an image of your HD, then restores it fully when required.

  rev.bem 14:45 26 Sep 2003

The pop ups are probably messenger, to disable

click start>control panel>performance and maintenance>adminisrative tools.

double click the shortcut services then scroll down the list in the window that opens and look for messenger,double click on it and set as disabled.

  bremner 14:49 26 Sep 2003

As rev.bem says Messenger may be the problem. Another option if you want Messenger to load on start up is to go to its Tools menu, choose Options > General and take the tick out of "Display MSN Today when Messenger signs in" this will prevent it accessing the net and stop the pop ups.

  johnbhoy 14:52 26 Sep 2003

CLF - Nor sure why all files go back to read only, but I have the same problem as well, as soon as I copy data from a backup CD to hard drive, I need to change the properties and untick read only. I have not had a problem with any files after doing that.

As for Pop Ups, do as Rev says and this wil stop them.



  CLF99 15:07 26 Sep 2003

Thanks for your help everyone!

In regard to exiting messenger, I disabled it in administration tools.

Just wanted to check with any of you...

I have 'Windows Messenger' displayed with a 'x' by its icon on the toolbar (bottom right - by the clock - can't remember what it's called!). When I opt to 'exit' it tells me that other services, like Outlook Express use this.

Is Windows Messenger what I have just disabled then, or have I disabed something different?


  CLF99 15:11 26 Sep 2003

johnbhoy - The files are already 'read only' on my c drive. I've checked lots of different files on the drive and they all appear to be 'read only'.

Basically I'm a bit nervous about un-checking this box as I'm presuming 'read only' is standard on folders/files for a reason that I'm not aware of.


  dufoy 15:35 26 Sep 2003

hi there, i downloaded surfsecret's popupeliminator on the net. it's a 30 day trial and it works fine, when it expires it will ask you to buy it, don't do this!. just keep the program running. and it will keep the pesky pop-ups at bay.i hope this works for you a.t.b.

  smegs 15:47 26 Sep 2003

Do these POPUPS say something about Messenger? If so, send me Ur email address & I'll send U a little program called "Stop windows messenger spam", it doe's work.

  Lead 16:03 26 Sep 2003

If you want to back up files (and you have XP Pro), then you may be better off using Window's backup utility rather than 'copy and paste'.

This will create a single file (that can be compressed) keeping the original file properties and access rights, etc.

If you have XP Home, then you will need the CD to manually install it click here

  CLF99 09:36 27 Sep 2003

Thanks everybod!

Much obliged.

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