Help New PC, Problem with Emal

  Mike48t 08:24 25 Dec 2006

Help!!, I have a new PC and have set up the POP 3 etc for email and seems to be working ok except when i try to send an email, or even a reply it gives me this message
The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

'kevin cullum' on 24/12/2006 16:50
503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA

Secondly i am trying also to set up Sharing folders on MSN Messenger, but it tells me my PC does not support sharing folders, and directs me to the MS help pages, i follow the instructions but the box it advises me to tic is not tickable??

  Ashrich 08:30 25 Dec 2006

What ISP are you using ? Check that for sending mail you have the correct smtp settings .


  Ashrich 08:32 25 Dec 2006

Also click here for an explanation for your problem .


  Mike48t 08:41 25 Dec 2006

Thanks Ashley, that worked fine, I understand now that to check the Email first lets it all happen.

Dont suppose you have any ideas on the Sharing folders problem??

  Mike48t 08:45 25 Dec 2006

I have receive advice from MSN that I need to change the NFTS in the command prompt, which went ok, then it asked me to "type the volume label of the drive that you are converting and press enter"
What is a volume label and where do I find it please?/
Thanks for your help in advance

  Ashrich 08:47 25 Dec 2006

Sorry , don't use MSN , .....


  Ashrich 08:49 25 Dec 2006

Volume label is just giving it a name ie. Maxtor320 or Seagate , my Hard drive , something like that .


  Ashrich 08:52 25 Dec 2006

If you haven't labelled it when formatting it will probably default to c: , what is it named in Windows Explorer ?


  Mike48t 09:59 25 Dec 2006

Hi Ashley, thanks for Help, have done that now and its working OK Many thanks for your help, Best regards and have a good Xmas and New Year

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