Help with new pc please!

  misters 16:27 08 Nov 2003

Hi my sister bought a brand new pc for her sons christmas and she cant seem to get it up and running.
The pc is a Q-Tech amd atholon 2200 win /xp home bought from index.
She has connected everything up monitor, mouse , keyboard, etc.
After she switches the pc on , she gets a message saying no signal, check cable, this last about 4 seconds then jumps to the black screen with all the hardware listed, then the pc ask boot from cd she inserts the cd it all runs well then she gets an error message saying " could not find harddrive drivers please press f3 to quit setup".

Thats as much as i know i'm using her words, she has tried a few times getting the same message, i tried the website for q-tech but got no help there.
Thanx in advance.

  Bagsey 16:38 08 Nov 2003

The answer to her problem is not to fiddle with it and take it back and get her cash back or demand one that works. ie Fit for its purpose. Fiddling with it could spoil her claim.

  obbit 16:44 08 Nov 2003

yes take it back

  bta1 17:23 08 Nov 2003

here here

She really doesn't want to mess with it. Just take it back get one that works.

  misters 18:22 08 Nov 2003

That' great but i was just asking in case it was something simple.

  graham√ 19:06 08 Nov 2003

No signal = video card fault.

Hardware listed = Windows not loading.

Boot from CD = Windows not found.

Hard drive drivers = drivers not loaded.

These are just guesses, of course. It would appear to have multiple faults.

  Buffs 19:24 08 Nov 2003

Tell your sister to take it back as it is U/S and get her money back a.s.a.p

  Wak 20:16 08 Nov 2003

When you get a message saying "NO Signal" on the monitor it usually means that you haven't pressed the start button on the tower unit yet.
Switch on mains socket, switch on monitor then switch on tower unit.
It could be something as simple as that.

  misters 14:31 09 Nov 2003

graham√ seems to have the right messages shes getting so i take it you agree with the rest of the guys and take it back,

Also tried switching on monitor then tower still same message. Not really sure what cd she should have to boot pc with, i'll check tonight when she invites me for sunday dinner though she doesn't know that yet. Lol.

  misters 18:07 09 Nov 2003

went to my sisters earlier on, she couldn't really show my pc as its a xmas present for her son who was in at the time.
Anyway she showed me all the cds she got with the pc and they were system restore, nero, power dvd, and one that i'm not sure about epox motherboard cd, other than that she had two works 7 cds.

  woodchip 18:10 09 Nov 2003


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