Help! New PC - dell, evesham, too much choice?

  Stevie B 24 16:07 01 Oct 2005

Hi, I'm new to this computer malarkey and these forums but taking the plunge into buying home PC - I use a Mac at work and last PC was about 10 years ago.
Budget £500 - £600, like the sound of an AMD Athlon 64 over Pentium, must have decent 17in flat monitor, will be using it for internet, music downloads and some gaming.
Read loads of reviews - stuff about watford, mesh having poor after sales. Seems to me that Dell's prices never seem to be as advertised, evesham a bit pricier than others. Am trying to avoid the Comet/Dixons/Currys/PC World route.
So .... which one?


  rawprawn 16:23 01 Oct 2005

I have always been very happy with Dell, and whether the prices seem to vary or not they seem terrific value at the moment. They are good reliable workhorses.

  anchor 16:31 01 Oct 2005

Personally I would recommend Evesham: this is based on my own personal experience. Yes, they are indeed more expensive than some brands, but I think you do have to pay to have better support.

If you can, why not visit an Evesham store where you can discuss your needs, and see some of their PC`s in action.

click here

  Trepan 16:31 01 Oct 2005

You can configure your own PC and come up with what you want at a price to suit your pocket.

Have recently purchased one from them and have no trouble althought it took them a couple of weeks to deliver, performance is as stated and the beauty for me is that I did not purchaes the screen as I had already sourced a branded product at a good price, by the way I have no connection with them other than being satisfied.

  flook 16:55 01 Oct 2005

I have recently bought a Medion PC base unit from Aldi, it's great includes a wireless keyboard and mouse and many other extras. I put this with a Acer rotatable 19" screen and a cheap 2.1 speaker system again from Aldi, result... perfection. Having said all that earlier this year I bought Dell for my small office network and a beautiful ultra lightweight Dell laptop that has to be seen to be believed, however they do come with a price premium. If you are fairly new to a home PC I would recommend the Dell they are so easy to buy and have proven very reliable over the years.

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