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Help with new PC assembly sought, please.

  Simsy 20:47 29 Aug 2010


I've got all the bits and have started to put my new PC together. I've built several PCs before, but the last time was about 6 or 7 years ago so I'm a bit out of practice...

I've a few issues about;
Mobo mounting
CPU fan mounting
Audio and Fan connectors
Ferrite ring usage.

I've made a little website to explain my issues;
click here

I'd really appreciate it if those able could have a look there, at the pics and questions, and report back here with any pertinent answers. I think/hope that's the easiest thing to do!

Many thanks in anticipation. And with apologies, I've just been called, so I wont be able to check in for answers for a while!

The mobo is a Gigabyte GA H55 UD3M
Case is Coolermaster 330 elite

Many thanks,



  Simsy 22:49 29 Aug 2010



  Simsy 09:31 30 Aug 2010

I know what you mean MAJ, but there aren't mounting points there!

And just in case it makes a difference to anything, (I'm sure it doesn't!), I got the motherboard model wrong...

it a GA H55 UD3H (not UD3M)




  Simsy 13:23 30 Aug 2010

I know for the future now!

As it's pretty much assembled now I'll fabricate something to give temp support while installing the RAM. I don't, now, really want to be taking all the connectors off just for one support.

But many thanks!

  Simsy 20:29 05 Sep 2010

Thanks everyone.



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