Help with new PC assembly sought, please.

  Simsy 20:47 29 Aug 2010


I've got all the bits and have started to put my new PC together. I've built several PCs before, but the last time was about 6 or 7 years ago so I'm a bit out of practice...

I've a few issues about;
Mobo mounting
CPU fan mounting
Audio and Fan connectors
Ferrite ring usage.

I've made a little website to explain my issues;
click here

I'd really appreciate it if those able could have a look there, at the pics and questions, and report back here with any pertinent answers. I think/hope that's the easiest thing to do!

Many thanks in anticipation. And with apologies, I've just been called, so I wont be able to check in for answers for a while!

The mobo is a Gigabyte GA H55 UD3M
Case is Coolermaster 330 elite

Many thanks,



  ashdav 20:51 29 Aug 2010

The answer to your question is yes but check the screws have the right thread to go into the brass standoffs.
They should go in with your fingers without forcing.

  ashdav 20:57 29 Aug 2010

Sorry, that was for the screws.

The Extra position for the mobo fixing screw will depend on your case.Use either.

The cooling fan should blow towards the rear of the case.

Use the HD audio connector.

Fans don't really matter.

Ferrite ring is for front panel connector cables but it's a bit academic.
If you want to use it pass the cables through twice.

  Simsy 22:49 29 Aug 2010



  MAJ 00:12 30 Aug 2010

The fixing screws are there, not only to hold the motherboard in place, but also to reduce any flexing force. Notice the four screw positions around the removable card slots, they help brace the MB when you install a card. I'm surprised there are only three screws, rather than four, around the memory slots, as those are the slots that are accessed most by upgraders. Personally, I'd like to see another one between the SATA connectors and the main power socket, just to steady that corner.

  Simsy 09:31 30 Aug 2010

I know what you mean MAJ, but there aren't mounting points there!

And just in case it makes a difference to anything, (I'm sure it doesn't!), I got the motherboard model wrong...

it a GA H55 UD3H (not UD3M)




  DieSse 11:40 30 Aug 2010

"but there aren't mounting points there!"

Is there a hole in the motherboard though?

When there is, I keep a supply of plastic "push-through" mounts, which rest on the case and clip through the hole in the motherboard. This at least holds the corner of the board steady when pushing (RAM for example) into the slots.

Like these click here Trim the base if required.

  DieSse 11:43 30 Aug 2010

UK sources click here For the ones with threads, simply cut off.

  Simsy 13:23 30 Aug 2010

I know for the future now!

As it's pretty much assembled now I'll fabricate something to give temp support while installing the RAM. I don't, now, really want to be taking all the connectors off just for one support.

But many thanks!

  Simsy 20:29 05 Sep 2010

Thanks everyone.



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