Help with new OS installation

  wajuda 22:27 02 Jun 2003

I am trying to reinstall winxp pro or any other OS on a new 40gig hdd i just bought but for some strange reason this does not seem to work. during the winxp or win2000 installation, some files are not copied and have to keep pressing enter for the system to try to copy them and i have also tried to install winme and the system just halts half way through the installation. I have tried to format the hard drive with my other computer and put the winme installation files on the hard drive but this also halts half way through the installation. The system is a ECS k7sem motherboard with 256mb RAM. The new HDD i bought is a maxtor Diamond plus 8. Can anybody please jhep me here i am getting really fustrated. PLEASE

  dazzling (work) 22:41 02 Jun 2003

format the hd from a win 98 boot disk first then you should know if it wont format probably a duff drive.if you have done this already i appologise. did you install xp from the cd did it try to format the drive?a bit more info would be helpfull,sometimes its the stupidest thing that makes things go wrong.please post back.darren

  LastChip 22:47 02 Jun 2003

Go to Maxtor's web site, and look for their utility that tests hard drives. Download it on your working computer and temporarily connect the hard drive.

Now run the utility to check the drive for faults.

It's strange you get the same problem on two different machines, and it would be worth checking you haven't been unlucky and received a faulty new drive. If it is, Maxtor will very probably want the data produced by their utility, in order to replace it for you.

The other thing you need to check, is whether your BIOS will support a 40 Gig hard drive. I am not familiar with your motherboard, so cannot offer advice on that, but I come back to the fact you have the same problem on different machines, and that leads me to believe it is likely to be a drive issue, rather than motherboard.

One further thought. Make sure you have connected the drive in the correct manner. Incorrect connection can result in all sorts of strange behavior. Is it a Master or Slave and configured as such? Does the red tracer on the cable go to pin 1? And recently, there was a time when somebody connected the wrong end of the cable to the motherboard; it happens! The end with the connectors closest to each other, is the drive end of the cable.

If the drive is OK, post back and we will see what else we can think of!

  wajuda 02:32 03 Jun 2003

hello guys,
i downloaded the test utility from the maxtor website and i hve checked the hdd. Everything seems to be fine wid the drive.

I installed the win2000, winxp and winme from the cd's. Then i tried to install winme from the hdd. But it still kept hanging. The win2000 and winxp just keep telling me that the some of the files cannot be copied.

I need some big help here. dazzling what kind of info do you need?

  Andÿ 02:55 03 Jun 2003

First check you have not disturbed the ribbon cable on the CD drive you are installing from while you have been fitting the HD.

  wajuda 02:57 03 Jun 2003

I have checked it

  bch8132311 08:04 03 Jun 2003

The same thing happenned to me with my maxtor.....I managed to install windows 98se then changed to Win Xp it worked for me nothing seemed to be wrong weith the drive the utilities worked but at first it would not accept.....Give it a go....?


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