Help with new orange broadband package with router

  lisalab1 20:59 17 Nov 2007

can anyone help me as im not getting far with orange customer service.

I changed my wanadoo broadband package (speedtouch 330) to orange home start package.

With that I brought my own wireless router ADSL (edimax brand), with a wireless networking usb adaper for the pc and a wireless networking pcmcia adaptor for the laptop (both newlink brands).

I don't know hows this works but I've had orange confirming my new package and now that i've had turned on my laptop the automated dial up has gone plus the icon for wanadoo in the start-up section. I had to click on the wanadoo icon on my desktop to connect to the internet.

can i install the router, adaptor and pcmcia? if so in which order?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:13 17 Nov 2007

this router click here ?

set the router up first by connecting by cable click here to your desktop.

setup the wireless settings in the router

then set up the pcmcia card in the laptop drivers first then setup the wireless connection to the router.

when that working ok setup the wiress adptor on the desktop

  lisalab1 22:29 17 Nov 2007

click here

Its the edimax AR-7084gA Wireless Series
ADSL Modem Router.

does the internet need to be turned off before i install them. im afraid that i might not be able to connect to the internet if the installation is not successful. the wanadoo icon should be still active just in case

  lisalab1 22:33 17 Nov 2007

p.s do i set the cable/cd set-up to my pc or the laptop?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 17 Nov 2007

Setup instructions are click here

You should still beable to use the old usb modem

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:48 17 Nov 2007

o i set the cable/cd set-up to my pc or the laptop?

doesn't matter but you need a cable connection to set it up in the first place.

I have my desktop wired to the router and wireless to the laptops so laptops can be used anywhere in house or garden.

DO NOT forget to use security on your wireless.

  woodchip 23:00 17 Nov 2007

First forget all about wanadoo, You have a new server. Connect your Modem to the Filter Router to Modem and to computer Open internet explorer and open the setup page by typing the correct address in for your routerMine is a 3Com yours may differ but my address is you then press enter If you have the correct address in IE address bar the Setup page will open you then type as password into the box like if it says admin type admin you can then get at the settings to loaded your ISP user and Password so you can connect save settings then reboot router by turning it off then back on. That the first bit to your thread post

  lisalab1 23:00 17 Nov 2007

Ok, i will try the cable connection to the desktop as at the moment the speedtouch 330 is connected to my laptop.

I don't think my toshiba satellite pro laptop has any wireless connections but the local computer store said i just needed a pcmcia adaptor

the manual looks scary but i'll properly look through it

  woodchip 23:11 17 Nov 2007

PCMCI WiFi works well in a laptop, But it needs seting up from the Manual. You load software first and it will ask you to plug the card in

  lisalab1 09:55 18 Nov 2007

can anyone tell me which is the WAN port is and the LAN port on the router?

  woodchip 15:54 18 Nov 2007

both the same as far as I know. just check on the plug width you are going to plug in, a Lan Wan Ethernet plug will not go into a Dial-Up modem socket as it's too wide. And USB socket are entirely different

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