Help with new hardrive

  [email protected]® 19:04 15 Jun 2005

I am putting in a new harddrive but have got the cables mixed up. I have 3 slots on the motherboard 1 is for the floppy which is smaller and is ok. The other 2 are white and blue. I have a cable with a blue end which I assume matches up but there is a slot in the middle which says slave and a slot at the other end, also another cable with 3 black slots. Which goes to the harddrive and which to the cd-rom? Thanks

  ICF 19:44 15 Jun 2005

It all depends on how many hard drives you a finally installing in your computer.Ie a slave and master or just a master.
If you just have one hard drive and one cd rom then put the blue end in the primary IDE connector on your motherboard and the other end of the cable usually marked master into the hard drive.Then repeat this with the CD rom drive but use the connector next to the one you have just used the secondary IDE connector and plug in the end of the cable as before.
One thing to look out for is hard drives usually need a 80 conductor ribbon cable or they won't transfer data at the top speed.

  [email protected]® 20:01 15 Jun 2005

I done as you said now it won't recognise the monitor so I can see what i am doing!

  THE TERMINATOR 20:10 15 Jun 2005

This all depends on where your cd-rom drive is. If you have a Tower System and your cd-rom drive is at the top, then you will have to plug one end of the cable into the mobo connector, the other end into the cd-rom drive and the middle one into your hard drive. But make sure your hard drive is set as master and your cd-rom drive is set as slave.

  [email protected]® 20:43 15 Jun 2005

All it keeps saying is 'disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter'.

  woodchip 20:51 15 Jun 2005

You have not set the jumpers right on drives also the red trace wire in ribbon cable, should be next to power plug. The C:\Drive the old one should not need changing it should be set to Master the Othere drive on the same Ribbon should be set to Slave. You should go into BIOS when computer starts to make sure the drives are recognised if not Do a Auto scan for the drives, Some new computers do this automatic

  john-232317 20:53 15 Jun 2005

Its looking for the drive with the os on it, is this a new drive with no OS on it ?

  [email protected]® 20:54 15 Jun 2005

I have set the jumpers the same as what was on the old drive. I tried the auto scan and it came up with nothing.

  [email protected]® 20:55 15 Jun 2005

yes it is dadyassa

  Joe R 20:57 15 Jun 2005

I think dadyassa, has hit the nail on the head.

If you have not got an operating system installed on this drive, it has nothing to boot to.

You will have to set your first boot device to cd-rom, insert your windows cd, and setup the hard drive from here.

  john-232317 21:03 15 Jun 2005

click here

This will help you load windows.

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