Help - New Hard-Drive, Win XP won't complete insta

  max-headroom 07:10 22 Jan 2003
  max-headroom 07:10 22 Jan 2003

Hi everyone,

I just got me a new 80GB hard disc (Seagate Barracuda V) and decided to install it as my primary HDD. My old setup was:
IDE1 Master: 40GB HDD
IDE2 Master : CDRW

New setup is :
IDE1 Master: 80GB HDD
IDE2 Master : CDRW
IDE2 Slave: 40GB HDD

PC has an AMD athlon XP 2000+, 256MB DDR, 64MB GeForce4 MX420, creatix modem/firewire combo card, realtek ethernet card. SB PCI64 onboard.

I tried to do a fresh install of WinXP home edition. It didn't work. It copied all the necessary files to the HDD, rebooted and did the install routine. Then it rebooted again, and it sat there and eventually the screen turned black.

I then removed the power cable from the 40GB drive and tried again. This semed to do a little better, but it still fell over and died.

Then I tried installing Linux (Mandrake 9.0). Linux is working fine - and while this may be the incident to push me into using linux full time, the rest of my family isn't quite ready to make that call.

Current partition setup is:

80Gb (hda):
9.6GB NTFS (WinXP)
39GB FAT32 (containing backups from the 40GB disk)
5.3Gb ext3 (/)
243MB Swap
19Gb ext3 (/home)

40GB (hdd)
24GB FAT32 (empty)
16GB Blank (future home for linux)

Windows will start in safe mode (with both drives connected), not in diagnostic startup, not in safe mode with networking and not in VGA only mode.

I cannot get windows to go through the final part of setup (setting up users, activating windows etc)

I am well and truly stumped by this.

Please, please help...

  max-headroom 07:12 22 Jan 2003

Sorry for the hideous formatting up there - it had lots of spaces and new lines when I typed it, I promise :)

  AndySD 09:58 22 Jan 2003

First go into the bios and make sure that the virus checker is Disabled> Then try a Repair instalation of XP. click here I have found this works quiet well on a failed install.

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