Help on new graphics card for Unreal T 3

  oxfo 20:21 27 Dec 2007

Hi - I was given Unreal tournament 3 as a Xmas present and though it will play the graphics are very poor.The min spec on the box is Nvidia 6200 and my card is a Geforce Nvidia FX5900XT.Rest of system is Pentium4 3.2Gig with 1.5 Gig Memory.PSU is 500W.I presume the GPU is not up to it and I can get an Nvidia 7300gt 512Mb 8x AGP card from Microdirect for £36.00.Will this card do the job please?Thanks in advance.

  oxfo 22:02 27 Dec 2007

Update - found help on UT3s score calculator and though this card is better than the 5900 it will not be much of an improvement so I may use this as an excuse to build a new PC as this one struggles a bit to keep cool and quiet when running stuff like the latest Total War games or doing any heavy Photoshop work.So next question is what are the flavours of the month in the latest half decent components if I start from scratch?

  Totally-braindead 20:46 28 Dec 2007

I think the lowest price one you will get that might play it is the 7600GS. The 7600GT is better and the ATI 1950 Pro is even better. I think one of these 3 would do you. The 7600GS is the cheapest about click here £50 the 7600GT is about £70 and the ATI card is about the £100 mark.
Unless you are planning to keep the PC for a while you're better getting the cheapest card you can that will still work ok as your next PC will have PCI Express and you won't be able to use an AGP card in it.
I think the 7600GS might do you.
Check it out if you can, you won't get anything cheaper that will do the job I don't think.

  mazuk 02:24 29 Dec 2007

You could always try to go for maybe an entry level 8-series card such as the 8300/8400 would be the newest generation of nvidia card yet the entry models core and memory clocks would be nothing special

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