Help with new 'comp'

  [email protected]® 20:21 22 Sep 2005

I have just upgraded m'board and processor. I have kept the same hardrive etc. Problem is I have done a frsh windows install and my harddrive only says 111gb when it is 120 and my processor says 1.6ghz when it is 2.6ghz. Why is this and what can i do about it please? thanks

  bremner 20:24 22 Sep 2005

The hDD is about right 120GB will show as about 111GB its to do with manufacturers claiming 1000bytes is a kilobyte when in reality it is 1024bytes.

The processor - what processor is it.If it is an Athlon 2600+ there are three versions varying from 1.9GHz to 2.1Ghz depending on the model.

  bremner 20:26 22 Sep 2005

If it is an Athlon then this table will help to sort out the FSB speed and multiplier - which you need to set in the BIOS click here(1224)

  bremner 20:27 22 Sep 2005

http: //,/?St=4,E=0000000000134591752,K=7440,Sxi=2,Case=obj(1224)

remove the spaces each side of the // and paste into address bar

  dan11 20:28 22 Sep 2005

Did you manage to sort the problem? click here

  [email protected]® 20:36 22 Sep 2005

Thankyou dan11 i am actually using the new process etc now, i now have this new prob!!

  [email protected]® 20:37 22 Sep 2005

it is an amd 2600 sempron processor.

  dan11 20:43 22 Sep 2005

Yes that maplin bundle includes the 754 pin sempron 2600.

This cpu does run at 1.6Ghz. So it is set up correctley.

  [email protected]® 20:51 22 Sep 2005

Thats bleeding less than my old one!! That was running at 1.8 Ghz. Can I clock it up a bit?

  dan11 20:52 22 Sep 2005

Spec's for that cpu. click here

  [email protected]® 21:01 22 Sep 2005

I wont start a new thread but whenever I reboot i keep getting a virus alert saying norton antivurus has detected a virus on your computer

object name:- C\windows\system32\hwclock.exe

virus name:- backdoor trojan

action taken:- unable to remove virus.

What do I do please.

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