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  [DELETED] 17:42 12 Aug 2003

I would appreciate all the help you could give me on this next question

I am not very computer literate although I built the system I am presently using from the wonderful Guides displayed on the net I was amazed when it actually worked.

I would like to get into video editing as a hobby I know I will need a fast machine and I was thinking of getting an up to date motherboard with 800FSB and SATA

Question 1
Can I get a motherboard with 800FSB, SATA and ordinary raid?

Question 2
Is a pentium 2.4 chip with FSB566 ( cant afford 800FSB but who knows in the future I might) faster than an AMD 2400 FSB300?

Question 3
I am not into gaming and I am considering buying the MSI Geforce FX5600 VTDR128 graphics card because it has digital and linear video input and comes with a video editing suite I would appreciate your thoughts on this choice.

Question 4
When I have the funds available I am hoping to buy a Western Digital Raptor SATA Drive and install the operating system on this drive and use secondary 7200 drives to hold my Video files will this make the machine faster or do I need two Raptors?

I wont be overclocking or anything like that I am hopeless at tweaking
I am hoping to put the system together before I retire in February

  [DELETED] 20:28 12 Aug 2003

Run Duron 1200, 756 SDRAM, 5600 HDD's (five of 'em!), ATI 32Mb graphics with tv in/out and it works fine for video editing.

Use Pinnacle Studio 8 for editing, Nero for burning, NEC ND1300A DVD writer to finish the job

Oh, and I drive my car at 30mph - - speed isn't everything.

But......if you want to swap ;-)

  [DELETED] 06:46 13 Aug 2003

You don't need infinitely fast processors, FSBs, thingies and whatsits for video editing. Any reasonably up to date setup will be suitable. What you do need is PLENTY of hard disk space - perhaps a second hard disk - to enable you to do all the file swapping around and temporary storage plus, as you say, a good graphics card and good editing software.

I would save my money and not buy the latest innovative item(s) you can get. Remember that today's high speed, high capacity wonder product will be in the bargain bin tomorrow.


  [DELETED] 08:25 13 Aug 2003

By February, pricing may have changed a lot and things may look very different.

AMD is releasing the new Athlon 64 CPU in September, which will require new motherboards. At a later stage, Intel will be releasing the Prescott CPU. The first Prescotts can be used on existing motherboards using the Intel 865PE or 875 chipset, but later Prescotts will require new motherboards because of a change in power requirements or something like that (and people are complaining about this).

Not suggesting that you should go for these new CPUs, as they are likely to be very expensive.
Just that you'll be able to make a better informed decision as to what CPU/motherboard to buy if you wait a bit more (and you have until February anyway).

In any event, with the release of the new CPUs, pricing on the existing generation of
CPUs and motherboards will change. You might be able to afford a better combination, and future upgradeability may not be as important then.

But to answer your questions:

Q1: Yes, plenty, most people go for motherboards using the Intel 865PE chipset (with the 800MHz FSB CPUs, using dual channel DDR400 memory) (these motherboards may not take later Prescotts - but you don't need a Prescott anyway).

Q2: Depends on what tasks you're doing. Surprisingly (at least contrary to my expectation, probably my ignorance), on MPEG2 encoding, the Athlon 2400+ is faster than the P4 2.4 according to this test click here If the choice is between the P4 2.4 (533fsb) and Athlon 2400+, I would go for the Athlon. But you may be able to afford the P4 2.4 (800 fsb) by February.

Q3 - no idea from me

Q4 - You've read what y_not has done with his machine :o)). With the OS on an SATA drive, and at least one separate IDE 7200 rpm hdd for putting video files on, most people would be very envious. From the sound of it, you might even be putting 2 7200rpm hdds on a raid 0 setup (assuming your motherboard supports it). You can always get the system to run a little faster, but at what cost? Get some more decent memory instead (and think before you buy memory - if you're using the 865PE chipset's dual channel memory capability, they need to be paired).

  [DELETED] 07:31 14 Aug 2003

Thanks for the suggestions you have given me.
I have decided to take the plunge and book my machine in for the first stage of upgrade I have opted to have the Motherboard and graphics card fitted by a local shop.
The reason for letting a shop install the Motherboard is twofold
(1) I find fitting the Motherboard the most anxious part of building a computer.
(2) Twelve months guarantee of the work carried out.

Well money being tight I have decided to have the Gigabyte GA7NNXP Motherboard fitted the reason being it meets all my requirements SATA, Raid, etc, and I think I was offered a good deal on it £135.00 also I can hang on to my AMD 1700+ for the moment and upgrade to a faster chip if and when I feel the need.

The graphics card I have chosen is the MSI Geforce FX5600 VTDR128 this got a good report in "Toms Hardware Guide" and it comes bundled with Video Capture Software again I think I was offered a good deal on this card at £128.00.

Will keep you posted on the next stage.

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