Help with New Asrock K7S41 PC Build Please...

  Tinkey Winkey 22:06 14 Apr 2005

My new Asrock K7S41 pc build won't POST ?

There's no display at all and no motherboard error code beeps ?

I tried installing an AGP card instead of using the onboard VGA but still no display or beeps ?

Tried 3 other brands of RAM and in each case I got no display but 3 beeps repeated continuosly which according to this site :

click here

...means 'base 64k ram failure' so I presume those Ram sticks are incompatible and have referred back to the original one - still no display / POST or beeps!?

Do you think I've got a duff mobo please ?

  howard60 22:15 14 Apr 2005

check that the jumper to clear cmos is not set to the on position - I had one that said default was clear but it was on. Once removed post was correct.

  Tinkey Winkey 22:34 14 Apr 2005

Thanks howard60,
have tried clearing the CMOS and tried booting with the CMOS pin shorted and open ,still no joy ?

  howard60 22:41 14 Apr 2005

try unplugging everything including the video card and memory. If the cpu is correctly seated and the power supply is connected you should get beeps. If not you either have the mobo shorted to the case or the cpu not in properly or duff. If you get beeps add 1 object at a time - 1 strip of memory then if different beeps add the video card etc etc. Best of luck off to bed now us old timers need their beauty sleep.

  dan11 23:00 14 Apr 2005

What cpu and memory are you using.

Have you set the jumpers for FSB_SEL0, FSB_SEL1 and FSB_SEL2. Front side bus.

Have you set the 5 FID jumpers for the multiplier?

  wolfie3000 05:10 15 Apr 2005

I have the same mother board but my pc was pre-built and when i opened it there was a sticker on the agp slot saying not to fit any type of graphics card???
Maybe its the same for you.


  Tinkey Winkey 08:37 15 Apr 2005

there is a warning in the manual not to use 3.3V AGP cards - i.e some older 2x & 4x cards.

  stuntmaster 09:04 15 Apr 2005

could it be your processor?, i know it sounds strange but, my amd Athlon XP has a L1 cache at 64k.....

and the BIOS is reporting this. it could be.
try that.

hope it helps


  Tinkey Winkey 09:58 15 Apr 2005

I've swapped my 3200XP with a 1.4GHZ Duron still nothing !

Can't think what else to do ?

I think the mobos probably a duffer but don't know how to tell for sure - if it's not working then how come it gives 3 beeps when using incompatible ram ?

  Tinkey Winkey 17:01 15 Apr 2005


The 5 FID jumpers for the multiplier are all open.

The manual says that this is an overclocking feature and is not recommended .

Furthermore,Asrock don't supply any jumper caps for the FIDs.

Quote 'you do not have to adjust the multiplier for normal usage ,the system will work well as it is '.

  RealDopey 18:08 15 Apr 2005

If your going to use the 3200XP then the jumpers for FSB_SEL0, FSB_SEL1 and FSB_SEL2. do need to be set.

Have a lok on page 11 of your mobo handbook, where it will show you that all three jumpers need to be set with pins 1 & 2 closed.

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