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  only me 12:13 07 Dec 2003

Help! i have 2 XP Home computers,one has got 2nd output for networking, and i have got a crossover lead, i have blueyonder broad band, and the guy who was going to set it up no longer answers his phone. I live in Carshalton Surrey sm5 area, and i am willing to pay someone to set it up for me, blueyonder wont help me as they say dont support net working. F E i dont know if you allow this posting , if not i am sorry

  recap 13:52 07 Dec 2003

click here for instructions on how to set up a network and, look in the Internet connection sharing option.

click here for FAQ's for Blueyonder.

  SEASHANTY 15:07 07 Dec 2003

And also lookup Robin Walkers website who covers both NTL and Blueyonder network sharing click here

  DAG88 15:29 07 Dec 2003

u will need a router, 3 STRAIGHT THROUGH cables and LAN connections on both PCs. Setup isn't too hard as most routers have a wizard that guide you through.

1 important point is that if your modem was initially installed using USB then you will need to register a MAC address of one of the computers either by phoning them up or going on their website. To find out your MAC address go to command prompt aand type IPconfig/all
The pyhsical address is the MAC address. When setting up the router, clone the MAC address that was registered with blueyonder

  SEASHANTY 15:57 07 Dec 2003

Other sites you may find useful. Homenetwork Lab
click here
Dux Computer Digest click here
World of Windows Networking click here
Practically Networked click here
Linksys com click here
Just remember that PC to PC uses a crossover cable whereas independent internet use using a router or switch or a combines router/switch uses a straight through cat5 UTP ethernet cable. My two PC's on NTL BB both using XP home are set up using A Linksys BEFSR41 cable/dsl router with the MAC address of the original PC cloned into the router. Each can access the internet independently without the other being switched on. This router contains a web browser which guides you thru the setup.

  only me 10:58 08 Dec 2003

Now i am completely puzzled as i have said, i dont know anything about networking, and would like someone who could set it up for me. I am willing to pay. Anyone out there who wants to earn money? as i said i live in carshalton sm5 area

  SEASHANTY 15:25 08 Dec 2003

Sorry "only me" here in Greater Manchester otherwise would oblige if nearer. I doubt, though, that any of the people who have responded to your posting knew anything about networking before they connected up their own systems. Your best bet is a local computer shop or IT staff at Comet or the DSG strores.

  only me 09:55 09 Dec 2003

thanks seashanty
i will hang on a bit, hopefully someone near, will get in touch?

  recap 18:11 09 Dec 2003

only me, I run networks at work and have configured home system. If you want a talk through I am willing to help. This is easier than you think.

Your original post reads: "one has got 2nd output for networking", I take it by this statement that there is only one PC with a network card?

  only me 10:11 10 Dec 2003

HI recap
OK my systems are; XP home one has a extra LAN output socket to connect a lead to other comp. The other comp specs are; MS6712 Kt 400DDR Mo BO, AMD Athlon XP2004+(MHz)Processor, 512MB DDRAM, 128MB Ati Radeon Graphics Card, 4USB(v2) Ports, 80Gig Hard Drive. I don't know if i have given you the info you need. As i said a guy from my local shop was going to do it, he brought a crossover lead which he said was needed, but before he could finish, he was called away, i have been to shop, they cant help, but gave his phone no. But it is always on answer phone and he doesn't reply.
I do hope someone can help?

  recap 11:28 10 Dec 2003

Check the other computer to see if it has a LAN card fitted. If it doesn't then you will need to purchase one and fit it.

If you don't know what it looks like click here you should be able to make out the socket, it is very similar to a phone socket.

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