help network my apartment

  doclaw 23:57 12 Jan 2008

i am planning on expanding my network options. I just moved into a three bedroom flat and will be having a desktop and 2 laptop one for me and the other my neighbour asked for me to extend my coverage to his flat also. i dont know how i can make this work. i use a 3G EVDO USB modem Any Data ADU - E100 at the moment i connect it to my laptop. how do i make it work for my desktop and the other laptop. also is there a router which i can connect the 3G card to andmy partner can log on to the internet why i am not around. please all response are appreaciate. thanks

  ambra4 02:18 13 Jan 2008

Check this site

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  doclaw 16:18 25 Jan 2008

i checked out the site ambra4. if i understand this site it means when i get the kyocera router i can use it with my evdo device but how do i connect my neighbour who is some kilometers away from me. can i password the router so only my neighbour can acess it. thank you for ur help

  ambra4 01:11 26 Jan 2008

Yes the Kyocera router with the EV-DO Wireless Internet modem installed will allow all Wi-Fi and hard wire equipment to connect and access the Internet

The router simply uses your EV-DO card as a modem to receive the wireless broadband signal.

It takes the signal from EV-DO card and translates it to the standard 802.11g wireless signals that wireless cards and USB adapter use to access the Internet

“But how do I connect my neighbour who is some kilometres away from me”

Base on how far you neighbour house is he might have to use a Hi-Gain™ USB Wireless-G Dish Adapter

The range is up to 800 feet with 22 Mbps of throughput.

A signal indicator helps you position the dish for the best signal.

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Hawking Hi-Powered USB Wireless-G Adapter for your Desktop or Laptop PC

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Download the data sheets from the hawking site above and take a read

In the layout diagram the only unit will be the Kyocera wireless router with the EV-DO Wireless Internet modem installed just remove the cable / dsl modem from the diagram as you will be getting the Internet signal wireless via the EV-DO Wireless Internet modem

I hope you understand what I am saying to you

The only way to know if he needs to use a Hi-Powered USB Wireless-G Adapter as to try it with a normal laptop with a build in wireless card and see how far the signal reach

“Can I password the router”

Yes the router wireless access is password protected you would just set up as a normal wireless router a SSID name, Channel No, and a Security code

Go to Kyocera site and download the user manual and take a read before you buy

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  setecio 10:04 26 Jan 2008

A connection over several kilometres will need a long distance setup ... happy reading >>
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