Help with NETGEAR WPN111

  Hedders83 18:33 26 Feb 2008

I have bought a Rangemax router that came with a USB adapter WPN111. It is driving me mad, the software loads OK (The newest one as the disk is crap) and the connection appears fine then drops, crashes and I keep having to re start.
I have tried disabling Windows Firewall, has anyone any ideas before I give up with it!! Cheers

  brundle 23:34 26 Feb 2008

Try using Windows' built in wireless management software instead of the Netgear version.

  Hedders83 21:37 27 Feb 2008

I have tried that but it appears to do the same and then corrupts the drivers and I had to use systyem restore to resolve back to where I started

  brundle 23:20 27 Feb 2008

Can you try the adapter in another machine, or disconnect any other hardware already connected via USB to see if things improve?

  Hedders83 21:58 28 Feb 2008

I have tried it in my laptop but this runs on Vista and my PC is on XP.I though Norton AV may be causing the problem but that appears unlikely after a lengthy chat with their IT

  NSF12345 11:06 15 Apr 2008

I have noticed the same on ym vista, but this only appears to happen at between 2 and 3am in the morning. other than that, the connection tends to be pretty stable.

My make issue is, The rangemax router with the WPN111 dongle should run at 108Mbps (which it does on my XP machines) but as soon as I connect my Vista machine to the network (using the dongle) the whole network slows to 54Mbps. So much for "Supports Windows Vista". Anyone else getting this problem?

  NSF12345 11:35 15 Apr 2008

that said, this is my reply from Netgear when i asked them:

Netgear engineers are working hard to release the 108Mbps vista drivers for WG111T. However we are expecting it to be released shortly. We will not be able to give you an exact date of when it will be available. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

hope that helps

  setecio 11:52 15 Apr 2008

Are you sure you are using drivers for the correct dongle. Your last response from netgear mentions the WG111T, but your is the WPN111 and it already has vista drivers

click here

  setecio 11:53 15 Apr 2008
  Hedders83 17:21 15 Apr 2008

Cheers guys but I got fed up with it and I now have a Netgear WGX102 ethernet bridge plugged into the motherboard LAN, now works perfectly.

  setecio 18:01 15 Apr 2008

Is that the WGXB102?

Do you need the XE102 at the router end ?

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