Help needed, very annoying browsing problem...

  deaz 09:04 30 Jul 2007

Hi all,

I have been looking for solutions all around for this problem and can't solve it.
Basically, when I am browsing the Internet, and when a page loads, it sometimes takes forever. The thing is if I click Refresh it comes on immediately. Sometimes I need 2-3 Refresh clicks before I get to the page.
Sometimes Images do not appear and the text is messed up, need a refresh and it comes up fine.
So i have checked many things:
Tried two different browsers (Firefox and IE7)
I have cleared Cache, cookies, temp, etc...
I have scanned for viruses, trojan, etc...
I pinged several websites in DOS, not one Timed out result.
I pinged my router, no problem.
I thought it could have been my ISP. But at home I have two different networks coming from two different ISP's, and the problem happens with both.
My speed is fine, for example, I download files continuously without (visible) drops.
I thought maybe that it was my wireless adapter. Switched to Ethernet cable, same problem.
Now i am running out of ideas.
Can anyone help me please, this is becoming very frustrating.
Help !

  birdface 09:11 30 Jul 2007

Try,Control Panel,Administrative Tools,Scroll down to DNS Client and make sure it is set to automatic.Or control panel.Network connections,Right click local area connection and press repair,

  deaz 09:16 30 Jul 2007

I can't see any "DNS client" in the admin tools from the Control Panel.
Repairing the connection does not solve the problem.
Let me know how to access this DNS client.
For your Info, I have manually set my DNS addresses as it is necessary for me to have a fixd IP on my home network, in order to set some Router firewall's rules.
Thanks for the quick reply.

  birdface 09:18 30 Jul 2007

Speed here That will tell you if you are getting the right download speed.Also check out your Firewall.I dont suppose one of your ISp's is Virgin.

  birdface 09:19 30 Jul 2007

Sorry ,my mistake, Admin tools,And then services,Sorry

  deaz 09:25 30 Jul 2007

Yes I have done many speedtests, they are fine.
They come out fine on both my ISP's (Bulldog and BT).
I have checked the DNS client service, it is automated and started.
Thanks for help.

  birdface 09:32 30 Jul 2007

Hi Just realised that I have the same problem as you.Is it just on here that you get it ,or is anywhere,I assumed that it was a fault with Virgin.Its a pain in the butt at times,I dont have a wireless connection,Just Ethernet.

  deaz 09:34 30 Jul 2007

I get it everywhere.

  birdface 09:53 30 Jul 2007

Well any consolation I am the same,I don't use the computer a lot so it does not bother me as much,There have been a few others complaining about it.I wonder what the common fault is.

  birdface 12:35 30 Jul 2007

My Java was Ok,But just updated my Flash Program.So time will tell.Thanks.

  birdface 23:53 30 Jul 2007

Flash and Java up-dated and no more problems so far to-day,Fingers crossed.

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