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Help needed to Turn on WiFi on Netbook

  schmollies 11:34 24 Jul 2012


I have a Zoostorm netbook but it will not connect to my home router. It does connect at my office, in hotspots and worked fine recently in the USA.

I have another larger Dell laptop & this connects no problem at home.

So it seems that the Wifi on the netbook must be working & the router must be working but why cant they connect with each other?

Using Windows 7, ISP is Talk Talk & the Router is a fairly old Siemens.

Any ideas? Ray

  Clapton is God 12:08 24 Jul 2012

Have you entered the details of your home router (network name and password) into the netbook?

  recap 12:25 24 Jul 2012

Ensure that Wifi is active, it may have been disabled in transport, Fn/F2 should turn the WiFi back on.

  robin_x 12:31 24 Jul 2012

Check that security setting matches on both (WEP, WPA OR WPA2).

WPA2 is the recommended most secure.

  schmollies 12:53 24 Jul 2012

Thanks for the replies so far.

To try & activate the WiFi, I have to press FN/F2 but nothing happens; ie the usual little light flickering light comes on to say it is active. Until I can "open" this I can't enter the router details into the netbook!

No problem with my other laptop. I am baffled!


  Clapton is God 13:40 24 Jul 2012


But you've already told us that the netbook's wi-fi works fine on other networks so it must be active.

  recap 13:58 24 Jul 2012

I don't know the netbook you have schmollies, is there a Networkplaces icon in the Start menu? If there is you could add to a network.

  schmollies 14:00 24 Jul 2012

Hi Mr Clapton,

Sorry if I have confused you and others. I can turn the wifi on by pressing FN/F2 in other hotspots & log on to the internet,so yes the wifi does connect on the netbook.

It is just at home that I cannot turn on the wifi, when I press FN/F2 nothing happens. Until I can turn it on, I can't enter the router details.


  Clapton is God 14:12 24 Jul 2012

So, at the risk of sounding facetious, why don't you go to one of those other hotspots, switch on the wi-fi, leave it switched on and then go home.

The wi-fi should still be active when you get home.

If it isn't, report back here.

On another note, why do you need to turn the wi-fi on and off, anyway?

  onthelimit1 16:39 24 Jul 2012

Unless by 'turn on', you mean 'connect'? If so, you may be entering the wrong security code.

  schmollies 20:19 24 Jul 2012

Hi All,

Problem now solved. Wifi on netbook was not enabled.

Thanks for your help.


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