Help Needed on Techie Issues !

  KCR 08:37 19 Oct 2003

General help doing the following would be much appreciated:

Make sure paging or cache is set 2 - 3 times higher than ram on hd's.

Enable DMA on a HD or check that it is enabled !

Thanks as always

  Cantillion 10:12 19 Oct 2003

I'm assuming your using Windows XP here:

To check that DMA is enabled, go to: start > Control Panel > System, then click the "hardware tab" and click "device manager". Now expand the "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and right click on Primary IDE channel. Select advanced and then make sure that DMA is enabled.

To check the paging file, go to the system contol panel again (start > Control Panel > System) and select the advanced tab. Click settings under performance, then slecet the advanced tab and check the size of your paging file. I have 1GB of RAM installed and have a paging file of 1.5x this amount - the larger the amount of RAM installed, the less the rule of 2x RAM applies...

  KCR 21:02 19 Oct 2003

Thanks for your help.

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