Help needed to take backup of Office 2007 documents please

  wishtobwireless 07:12 14 Aug 2014

Good morning My laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro seems to be crashing constantly in Office and perhaps its had its day. I ran driver update and it said 17 drivers were out of date, but when I tried to update them through Toshiba it kept asking me to register with a key? No idea if this is part of the problem of course... I think I need to take a complete back up of all my Microsoft Office documents, in case it crashes for good and also so that I can transfer this info to new laptop when I take the plunge for a new one... The laptop is running Vista Business and Microsoft office 2007.

I wondered if someone could point me in the direction of some instructions on how to take a full backup for 'dummys' or talk me through it... Also what size back up thingy would I need to do this, please. I wish to back up Word, Excel, Outlook calendar, Publisher etc

As always thank you so much for any assistance offered

  Forum Editor 07:33 14 Aug 2014

Backing up the MS Office files is easy. Just buy a USB memory stick - they're cheap and easy to use - plug it into your laptop, and wait for it to be recognised.

It will be assigned a drive letter. Go into Windows Explorer and you'll see it. double click on the icon, and the drive will open.In the left hand column of Windows explorer find the My documents folder where all your Office files are. Left click on the folder you want and hold the mouse button down. Now drag the fold across to the new drive and drop it. Your files will be copied to your memory stick. If you like you can simply copy the entire 'My documents' folder.

Do that to any other folders to want to back up. Reverse the process if you get another computer.

The size of the memory stick will depend on the amount of data you want to store, but I would imagine you'll be more than covered if you get a 16Gb stick. That's actually quite a small capacity; if your budget permits get a bigger one - they're always useful to have around.

  alanrwood 09:44 14 Aug 2014

+1 for FE

  lotvic 11:19 14 Aug 2014

"The laptop is running Vista Business and Microsoft office 2007"

Did it come with Office 2007 already installed or do you have the DVD and the office license key? You will need these to install MS office 2007 program on a new laptop. Is it a retail version of MS Office 2007 or is it an Enterprise license?

  wishtobwireless 22:33 14 Aug 2014

Thankfully I have the CD and license key. Not sure what you mean by Enterprise license? thanks

  lotvic 23:00 14 Aug 2014

Enterprise = A software site license that is issued to a large company. It typically allows unlimited use of the program throughout the organization.

  wishtobwireless 19:02 17 Aug 2014

Thanks very much for your replies. Forum Editor thanks for the simple instructions, now all backed up :-)

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