help needed for slow pc problems

  mikeyboy32 18:43 21 Nov 2011

hi, i'm using windows xp and it has been going a lot slower than usual for a while now. i've been using both firefox and google chrome and both are terrible for instance playing youtube videos. my pc also has sometimes switched itself off and rebooted itself. flash player is updated so that isnt the problem. can someone please help me out as if its something to do with registry for instance i havent messed about with that as i'm a novice.

anybody help? thanks, mikeyboy.

  johndrew 20:12 21 Nov 2011

Have you installed new software recently?

What security software have you got installed? Some of the newer AV software conflicts with anti-spyware.

Have you cleaned out your registry with something like Ccleaner?

Have you looked at Task Manager to see what is running?

A slow PC can be caused by many different things so give us a little more information.

  onthelimit1 20:17 21 Nov 2011

If you search for slow pc, you will find threads where Fruit Bat has given comprehensive advice on how to sort this out.

  birdface 20:22 21 Nov 2011

If an oldish computer check the air vents for fluff and dust ,If any inside will need cleaning as well.

Internet Explorer.Tools.Delete browsing history.

My Computer.Right click C and run disc clean up.Remove what it finds.While there see what space you have left on C Drive.

  mikeyboy32 20:23 21 Nov 2011

thanks for the replies. not installed any software recently. using avast av. i use ccleaner quite often.

under task manager, where do i look to see whats running?

thanks again.

  Les28 20:26 21 Nov 2011

How much free hard drive space? Double click My Computer icon on desktop, hover mouse pointer over Local Disk (C:) icon to find out how much free space and how muc htotal size.

How much RAM memory? Single right click My Computer icon on desktop and single left click Properties, what details are wriitten under Computer on the General tab of the system properties box Pentium, AMD etc and RAM details.

As mentioned Task Manager details, click Start button, then Run, type taskmgr in the Run box and click OK. Bottom of any page in Task Manager Processes, how many, CPU Usage what % showing.

  mikeyboy32 20:38 21 Nov 2011

les28 - 4gb hard drive space from a total of 37gb.

RAM - under computer properties - intel(r), celeron(r)cpu 2.66ghz, 1.25 gb of ram.

task manager - 45 processes. cpu isage 61%.

any ideas les28?

thanks again.

  Les28 21:00 21 Nov 2011

Free space 4 Gb from a total hard drive size of 37 Gb, looks like you are rapidly running out of free hard drive space.

45 processes running, too many and 61% cpu usage when pc is idle at desktop needs looking at.

Need to recover some hard drive space to allow windows operating system a bit of breathing room. Archive store off the pc to dvd disk etc, any large file size data, films, music etc thatyou aren't needing to access frequently, think about getting an external hard drive for data storage and if you use system restore maybe think about reducing windows default size for system restore and recyle bin to immediately regain some free space.

enter link description here

enter link description here

  Les28 21:27 21 Nov 2011

45 processes running on XP is a bit much it usually indicates that as you've installed programs here and there they've added themselves to windows start-up menu, nearly always unnecessarily so as the programs can be started from the All Program list or from their desktop icons when wanted. It's just the way the programs are written so by default they will load with windows, draining your resources, that could account for the 61% cpu usage when idle.

You can see these things in the system configuration utility, by clicking Start button, then Run, type msconfig and click OK.

enter link description here

Have a look at the Startup tab in msconfig and see how many items are Ticked, you really only need your anti-virus any firewall and perhaps keyboard controls for a laptop showing here, often people say untick everything but them items and see how the pc works after a reboot, but to get an idea of what is needed to run at startup and what's not essential.

Type them in here

enter link description here

Look under Tasl List A-Z here

enter link description here

Full Startup List here and type in

enter link description here

  Les28 21:46 21 Nov 2011

When you get the pc or is it a laptop running smoother again maybe you'd better think about getting more free space from somewhere fairly quickly, either another internal hard drive for data storage, or an external usb connected hard drive, as you can't keep adding to a hard drive it will just fill up and freeze up, windows needs some free space to run comfortably in.

You just use Avast, as you know running more than one anti-virus program will cause trouble. No malware been detected lately? I use Avast myself it's useful for being able to run a boot time scan to check for malware before windows loads, hopefully you're OK and haven't had any malware attack recently?

Search here at PCA for slow pc questions from previous posters and have a look at Fruit Bat's helpful replies on the subject as already mentioned.

  mikeyboy32 22:01 21 Nov 2011

thanks a lot forall that les28, you've been a great help. just to let you know there's 4 programs on my startup - avastUI, kiesPDLR, kieshelper (these are both programs for when i connect my samsung mobile phone to my pc), googleupdate.

would you recommend i get rid of any of these from startup, all apart from avastUI maybe?

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