Help needed with Site Security Certificate

  boot-it-out 13:49 23 Dec 2005

Anyone know anything about these ?

Recently, when I started browsing to the E-Bay login page ( click here ) which is a "secure" site I get a pop up "Security Alert" which says :

"The security certificate has expired or is not yet valid" with an option to "View Certificate". Clicking on this shows :
Issued to:
Issued by: Thawte Server CA
Valid from 13/01/2004 to 13/01/2006
and a button to click "Install Certificate" - I haven't done this yet because clicking the padlock icon bottom right of the web page brings up the following certificate details :
Issued to :
Issued by : Secure Server Certification Authority
Valid from : 19/08/2005 to 19/08/2006.

It seems to me ( but then I know nothing about these things ) that the certificate already installed for this page is valid and in date, and that the warning to install the other one from Thawte Server CA is dubious.

Can someone explain what these certificates are and whether I should install this or not, as I am concerned it may be some sort of malicous thing designed to grab my e-Bay User name and password !


  stalion 18:07 23 Dec 2005


  boot-it-out 18:35 23 Dec 2005


Thank you for most enlightening answer to this problem !

  stalion 19:43 23 Dec 2005

the ^^ were to put your thread to the top to get you an answer as this will do

  stalion 21:23 23 Dec 2005


  boot-it-out 23:58 30 Dec 2005

Stalion - 0h Well - Many thanks for trying with the "^^" things but it didn't work !

I have however resolved the problem myself - Here's the fix for anyone that may come across the same problem.....

1. Check the date and time of the Windows Clock !

2. Reset clock from 30/01/06 back to 30/12/05

3. Strike Stepson repeatedly over the head with a suitable blunt instrument ( Any make of inkjet printer will do the trick ) until he promises never to mess with your computer settings again !


Happy New Year

  rdave13 00:04 31 Dec 2005

I know the feeling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New year happy to yourself (and familly).

  stalion 12:43 31 Dec 2005

glad you sorted it happy New Year

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