Help needed with a Siemens Wireless Router ?

  gazmix 20:07 15 Aug 2008

I am using one of these:-
click here

When i double click on my icon i get prompted to enter my password which i do.

I then get to the settings page & then internet & it says my username (everything after the @ sign), then there's the password!!
This is in the box!, a load of ******* for e.g!

I can't think what it is! I obviously know the password to get into the interface, but am wondering if the long set of ******* is something Orange provided. I can't think what it is & am wondering as to how i find out! & is this the password that protects againsed hacks, or is it the one to login to interface!


  Technotiger 20:29 15 Aug 2008

click here have not used this myself, but it is supposed to show you your hidden passwords.

  Technotiger 20:32 15 Aug 2008

Some more of the same ... click here

  Eric10 20:53 15 Aug 2008

The username and password that is required on the Internet settings page will be the Broadband username and password that will have been supplied by your Internet Service Provider (Orange).
click here for info on Orange usernames. The password will be noted in the documentation your ISP supplied.
It is normal for the password to be blanked by a series of blobs as this is a security measure in Windows so that no-one can read your password over your shoulder as you type. This is also mentioned in the above link.

  gazmix 22:36 15 Aug 2008

Hi & thanks,
My username i know, it's everything after the @ in my email + fs after

I know my password that i have to give if i have to go to tech support & give them the 2nd & 5th letter for example, but my password has only 6 digits!

The password in Settings & Internet for my router has about 20 ****** in it!
Maybe when i type in my 6 digit password that i also use to log into my orange account, it creates a larger kinda encrypted password!!
I'm not bothered what it is, if thats the case, i just want to know wether this happes or not as i deffinately haven't used a 20+ digit password!


  Eric10 11:38 16 Aug 2008

From the link I provided:

"If you're checking your password, remember that 'Dial-up Network' software automatically inserts 16 stars or dots to mask your account password. This feature was created as a security measure by Microsoft, making it harder for somebody to guess your access password".

Just type in the password you have been given and forget about how many stars are in the password field as they have no special significance.

  gazmix 12:51 16 Aug 2008

It says
Connection status - Connected
ADSL Line - Connected
Username - [email protected]
password - *****************
confirm password - ***************

There's not 16, there's about 20 & its Orange Broadband.

It then says ok & cancel! If i press cancel, will it delete my settings? Is this password the security one that a hacker would need??, or is it the initial one that i enter to enter the configuration programme!?
I need to know this as this is easy to tap.


  Eric10 14:06 16 Aug 2008

The password to enter the router settings page is just for the router. It is not the same as your broadband password. All routers have a default username and password which will be the same for all routers of a particular make and model. I don't have personal experience of this particular router but there is normally an option to change this password to something of your own choice.

It seems that you are just concered about the lines of stars. The stars (irrespective of how many there are) serve no function other than to hide your "Broadband Password" from anyone who may gain access to the router settings. This is your broadband password and is stored safely away. If you were to type in a new password it would appear as a row of stars, one for each character typed, but if you click OK to save the new password then the characters that you typed will be saved, not the stars. If you later return to the settings page you will find a full row of stars displayed again. The reason why there is always a fixed number of stars is so that a hacker won't know the length of your password. If a hacker knows how many characters are in a password then it is much easier to crack.

If the settings as you describe them are already there when the settings page opens then pressing Cancel will not delete them. If you change anything and then press OK then your changes will replace the original settings.

  gazmix 15:04 16 Aug 2008

Thanks Eric for your clear & yet detailed responce. I fully understand now!
Yes, it is my 'broadband password' that i was concerned about, but i'm sure that is ok. It is a 7 letter password but appears as about 20 '**'. I assume this is the same password i enter when accessing my webmail & i give when i call tech support!

The password i enter to access the router settings had a default 'admin' that i changed & wondered if that was a security issue.


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