Help needed to reinstall O/S XP Pro

  Ray5776 21:31 05 Sep 2007

need your help yet again.
I am trying to install or reinstall my XP O/S to a formatted 160 g HDD. Using a pent 4 2g with 1.5 mem.
There is only the one HDD drive in the machine.
When I boot from the Windows CD, go to Setup, inspecting your hardware etc.
Then Setup enter
Then EULA F8
This is where it gets confusing now asks which partition C: NTFS 78160Mb or D: partition 2 unknown
52902Mb or unpartitioned space 8Mb.
Whichever choice I make it will only reboot and go back to the start of the process.
I can`t understand why the HDD is partitioned anyway as I did a full format on it.

Any suggestions please.


  C3 22:21 05 Sep 2007

D may be where the original restore files have been put.

A format won't remove any partitions. You can do this when you do the get to the partition selection.

If you have an original full WinXP disc, then, if you know there isn't any data on this D drive that you need, then I would delete the partition, then reformat, then try the installation again.
If you are using a installation disc from a manufacturer, you may need the files on this D drive.

One thing I found when I was doing a re-install a while back was that after doing a full format, i couldn't install WinXP. I had to carry out a quick format first before it would let me continue the installation.

  lotvic 22:23 05 Sep 2007

After you have pressed F8 for the EULA the next screen should give you the option of deleting the partition(s) and then creating new one(s) and formatting prior to installing XP Pro

Windows XP Professional (Pro) Old/Used Hard Drive Install/reinstall Guide for XP versions with SP1 or no service Pack click here

Windows XP Professional (Pro) SP2 Old/Used Hard Drive Install/reinstall click here main index page click here

  Ray5776 22:42 05 Sep 2007

Thanks, I thought a format would clear the drive of everything. Not so it seems, I will now try deleting the partitions.


  Ray5776 18:34 06 Sep 2007

Thanks C3 and lotvic, just come home from work, the links look exactly what I need, will give it a try at week end.


  Ray5776 20:23 06 Sep 2007

One question here, I have the SP2 but on a separate disk so do I go for the first link or the second one?


  Ray5776 20:27 06 Sep 2007

And another, I would like to print out the links but can only seem to get the first 3 pages.


  Strawballs 22:20 06 Sep 2007

Get everything up and running then run the SP2 disc or you could use this click here to burn your XP and SP2 all onto 1 disc to make installations quicker.

  harps1h 23:54 06 Sep 2007

windows xp only recognise 137GB on a hard drive, so when you boot into windows all you will be able to access is 137GB. to reclaim the rest you will need a third party partioning software like partition magic.
this will show the "missing" portion of the drive and allow it to be merged with the first 137GB.

when you format a hard drive all that it does is to ensure the disk can be written over, it does not delete partitions. this has to be done when windows re-installs. what you are doing is correct to a point....if you look carefully it will be asking you do you wish to use a partition or delete.....choose to delete all but the 8 mb one. you will then be able to create a new partition of your choosing, and if XP is the only OS going on then make it 137GB. once you have recreated the partition it will ask if you wish to format, just the quick NTFS format. onc the format is complete it will then start the install of the OS.
before you start this you will need to change the boot order to cd/dvd first. once the sequence has started, do not "press any key to boot from cd" or the whole install process will begin again. if you wish i have a document with screen shots detailing this proceedure which i had to write for an HND computing course this year, which i would send to you. if you wish just mail me on the yellow envelope


  Ray5776 19:46 07 Sep 2007

Thanks harp,
I have the gist of this.
Have partition 1 131GB for some reason and unpartitioned 8GB.
Going round in circles need to check the BIOS for boot order I think it is set to "any other device"
in which case it would explain why. I need to shut down and change the drives over to do this so can`t respond now.
lotvic, thanks your first link is exactly what I need
but I can only seem to print the introduction not the whole thing, I would like to print it otherwise I have to set up another machine and read it from the screen. I will try harps suggestion first as it maybe something as simple as the wrong BIOS setting.

thanks ray

  lotvic 23:12 07 Sep 2007

When I click on File > Print preview >
I get 26 pages and can view them all, one by one

What happens when you click on File > Print preview ?

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