help needed re fitting new fan

  ROYWIDD 20:34 02 Jul 2004

Can anyone please explain very simply how i can fit a new processor fan?Also,which fan is needed for an athlon xp2000?The present one is just over 2 years old,and isn't working well,the processor is going over 50 deg quite quickly,with all the associated probs,programs freezing etc.Many thanks....roywidd

  jonnytub 20:38 02 Jul 2004

xp2000 should run fine at 50-60, maybe prob lies elsewhere?

  jonnytub 20:40 02 Jul 2004
  ROYWIDD 20:47 02 Jul 2004

hi jonnytub,thanks for info,the problem is that programs just lock up after a while,needing a reset,bcos the cursor freezes too,i'll try a new fan,but any other ideas please?Could it be a trojan etc?Is a fan easy to fit?I've got basic knowledge...roywidd

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:08 02 Jul 2004
  accordion 21:11 02 Jul 2004

Fitting a fan is easy, most clip into place, some may have a screw fixing. If you remove the fan, take it along to your local PC shop as a pattern to ensure you get the right replacent.

I have two PC's one with an AMD Athlon processor and both of them run at over 55 degrees. During the recent hot weather I increased the cut off levels to 65 for warning and 70 for shut down.
No problems, and no more shutting down.

  jonnytub 21:12 02 Jul 2004

yeah fan quite easy to fit, instructions usually pretty easy to follow, i do think that the problems lie in the software environment though, have you got the usual installed, spybot, adaware, antivirus ?
also try a regcleaner

  jonnytub 21:14 02 Jul 2004

also have you added any new hardware/software lately, been on any naughty sites ?

  ROYWIDD 11:16 03 Jul 2004

Thanks for all your suggestions,i'll investigate further on the software problem,yes jonnytub,all the usual installed,avg,adaware,where can i find a reg cleaner please?Also,nothing new installed recently,how do you mean"naughty" lol.Dont think avg will find trojans,i'll look though.

  jonnytub 03:07 04 Jul 2004

registry cleaner click here also call in to the rav online virus scan site (google), i found these to be very reliable when big names such as ********* have let me down. let me know how you get on.

  carver 08:55 04 Jul 2004

This site will give you an idea of the sort of fan you might need click here but an xp2000 should happily run at the temps you have. Have you by any chance done any overclocking? it's just a thought. Also what graphic card have you got because any probs with that can give similar results.

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