Help needed putting camcorder movie to dvd

  eranio 23:58 01 Jul 2006

I am trying to put camcorder movie to dvd which will play on any standard dvd player. Can this be done with XP Media Player or with this will it only be able to be played back with Media Player on a computer.If not what softwear is needed and what type of discs are best. Complete beginner as you can see with the questions so thanks for any info

  De Marcus™ 08:37 02 Jul 2006

Windows media player can do a lot of things, but burning movies isn't one of them.

You need some kind of authoring software, preferably, for a beginner, an all in one solution, i.e. capture, edit, burn. I like Sonic MyDVD as it's very easy to use for beginners and isn't prone to crashing unlike some other programs.

Have a read through this click here

  Chris147 15:49 02 Jul 2006

I haven't loaded it, but Cyberlink PowerDirector 2.56 VE will probably do everything you want. It's on the cover DVD of the latest (August) edition and completely free!


  nosmo 22:27 02 Jul 2006

to my post,just what I have been looking for.

  tony58 08:43 04 Jul 2006


  woodchip 22:19 04 Jul 2006

You could use Windows Free Movie Maker. But not all DVD Players will play Home movies created on a PC. They need to e converted to at least MPEG2 to burn and play

  De Marcus™ 01:00 05 Jul 2006

Windows movie maker is a great, free program to help familiarise yourself with video editing, anyone who has used XP for a while should find movie maker just as intuitive. The only downside is it can't produce DVD disks that are compatible with standalone DVD players, in fact, it can't burn to DVD disks at all. That's not so much of a problem if a file converter and burning software is installed, but nonetheless a hassle. For beginners, Movie Maker is the best way to practice your capturing and editing skills, when your competent you'll need something that will also burn to disk so it might as well be an all in one solution as previously mentioned, be that Sonic MyDVD, Pinnacle, Nero or what have you.

Movie Maker tutorials click here

MyDVD tutorials click here

Just about anything video related click here

  GroupFC 09:04 05 Jul 2006

That first link is very useful - thanks!

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