Help Needed on PSU

  Brezza 22:55 28 Jan 2006

Hiya peeps :)

Just a quick question, hope someone can help.

I Have just recently bought a new motherboard (click link)
click here so that i can upgrade to a new PCI graphics card and still keep my P4 Prescot chip.

The problem im having is that im planning on shelling out some big bucks for the new Radeon X1900XTX (which im told is very resource hungry?!).

Obviously im gonna need a better power suplly then my current 350w one. The thing is im not sure what one to get or if it would be safe to use a 450w/500w power supply on the new motherboard i just bought?

I Dont wanna go sticking a big ol' power supply in it if its gonna overpower the chip or my new board?

Any help or advice would be appreciated :)


  wobblymike 23:01 28 Jan 2006

You can't harm your board by putting in a more powerful PSU - if the board and its peripheral devices don't need to use all the power available it will just breathe nice and easy.

  hzhzhz 23:04 28 Jan 2006

click here. The seasonic.

  007al 23:05 28 Jan 2006

The power supply doesnt feed more than is needed for each device,so you will be ok.
Dont get a cheap psu though,as they are not as stable as the better known brands,and end up being as useful as a 250W.
click here there are more if you click the links to them

  Brezza 23:06 28 Jan 2006

Thanks mike,

im always cautious when it comes to psu's.

I Had a friend who built a mchine with a AMD XP 2200 chip, he replaced it shortly after with a 2400 xp chip and it seemed to burn out after putting in a new psu.

I Just wanted to make sure the same thing didnt happen to me :)

  wobblymike 23:08 28 Jan 2006

He may have just been unlucky or maybe he didn't upgrade the heatsink and fan?

  Brezza 23:09 28 Jan 2006

thanks for the links guys.

In your professional opinion which is the best PSU make? i dont wanna buy a cheapo one, i mean if im gonna shell out the best part of 450 quid for a graphics card im not gonnna skimp on an odd extra 20 quid here or ther for a better psu.

just wanna make sure im get somthing reliable.

  007al 23:10 28 Jan 2006

It may have done,if he had overclocked the 2200 and upped the voltage.The 2400 may not have liked it.

  hzhzhz 23:10 28 Jan 2006

Just get the seasonic s12 600w.

  wobblymike 23:12 28 Jan 2006

agreed that should handle anything you can throw at it

  vinnyT 09:45 29 Jan 2006

The seasonic s12 600w (as mentioned by hzhzhz) is extreamely quiet, has an efficiency rating of over 83%, is stable and wins many awards.

Not the cheapest of psu's, but worth the money.

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