help needed please pci usb 3.0 problem

  paulhis777 01:27 11 Jun 2014

hello please can someone help me please I bought these items 6 weeks ago ? from amazon I have only now got around to install it I have installed dvd drives in the past so I know a little about installing hardware
I have installed the usb 3.0 and and download the driver I don't know if it has installed as it says error unknown device 43

what it is at back of my new pci usb 3.0 there is a 4 pin power sauce sata ? I ordered this lead as well it will fit into back of the usb 3.0 but there is no power sauce in my pc to connect to the usb 3.0 i have lenovo H330 decktop around 2/3 yeras old ?

hope you can view my photos

pic 1 is lead I bought with pci usb.3.0 pic 2 there is a power sauce P4 but the lead is a lot smaller with much smaller pins pic 3the installed pci usb 3.0with power supply socket 4 pins pic 4 overview of my pc

PS cant seem to post photo`s it say to large ?

I hope that you can help me thank you Paul

  rtp8™ 10:37 11 Jun 2014

Perhaps you can post a link to both new pci usb 3.0 card & the new lead you bought?

Normally the USB 3.0 needs either a 15 pin sata or 4 pin molex power connector, if the card only has a molex power connect but you don't have a spare connectors around but a floppy connector then you'll need a male connector to go with MechKB 2's adapter for a molex power.

  paulhis777 12:27 11 Jun 2014

hello hope this link works my 4 photos of my pc click here

  BRYNIT 15:09 11 Jun 2014

From the looks of the pictures, the computer was not designed to be upgraded as it only has a 250W PSU without a 4 pin molex connector. The only power connectors I could see are for the SATA units unless you have one hidden behind what looks like a DVD player.

I think you are out of luck unless someone here knows where to buy a splitter that has a male and female SATA power connector splitting off to a 4 pin molex connector.

  bumpkin 18:03 11 Jun 2014

If you have no molex out connectors and unless there is an adapter availble you can splice it in if you are happy with that sort of thing.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:31 11 Jun 2014

Possibly this adaptor will plug into the socket on the card and you can connect a sata power cable from the PSU to it.

  BRYNIT 23:23 11 Jun 2014

After looking at Fruit Bat /\0/\ link you may also need this CLICK HERE if there are no spare SATA power connectors. The only thing I would be concerned with is the power supply, will it be able to supply enough power to the USB3 card and the DVD player from the same cable. Another thing to think about is that not every USB2 device will work from a USB3 port.

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