Help needed, PC won't boot.

  Hate Pulse 22:47 08 Apr 2005

Hi there,

I recently bought a second hand PC to learn UNIX on and as things go, I already have a big problem. For some reason when I turn on the PC everything seems fine except the little green light on my monitor just flashes as the screen is blank. This means that I can't even see the BIOS which doesn't help. So, I swapped the hard drive in problem PC for the one in my other and turned on the other PC, which displayed exactly what I expected from the problem one: "No Operating System". I was thinking of installing the OS onto the problem PC's HDD but then I thought this might be a waste of time if someone knows or can suggest why the PC might not be working.

Thanks in advance

  QuickHare 22:58 08 Apr 2005

The harddrive swap is interesting, but is not the cause. I'd suggest swapping the graphics card or monitor cables over.

The "no operating system" error could be a fault with the way your harddrives are set up.

  DieSse 00:26 09 Apr 2005

Motherboard, processor and RAM are all prime candidates for failure to boot. So are bad connections, which frequently crop up when older systems are moved around.

It's worth taking everything out of the case, giving it a jolly good clean - take out and refit the CPU and RAM, and any plug-in cards too (maybe even start with just these) - and see what happens.

  Hate Pulse 21:50 09 Apr 2005

Thanks for the help guys but they weren't the cause of the problem. After hours of trying loads of things I realised that the problem was a dodgy pin that was being used the light the LED on the front of the case. I didn't think that something as little as that could cause so much of a disturbance. Even the PSU stopped working for a while because of it. But now everything is fine, thanks for the help again!

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