Help needed for painfully slow computer

  thumbscrew 16:27 20 Mar 2015

My machine's slowed to a crawl, can anyone provide any tips for resuscitation? I've tried as much as my knowledge allows, defrag, disk cleanup, Ccleaner, SAS and MWB scans and a full workout with my Avast Free, all to know avail. I've seen a few free so-called clean up programmes online, but unsure if they're trustworthy. I'm always reluctant when it comes to removing things as my knowledge is limited. Any help would be tried and greatly appreciated.

  thumbscrew 16:29 20 Mar 2015

Omitted to state I'm on Windows 7

  Ian in Northampton 16:39 20 Mar 2015

Fruit Bat may be along soon, and he has a check list of stuff to try for this kind of situation - although I'm thinking you've done a lot of it already. Me? I can't be bothered with all that stuff, so I just reinstall the operating system and start again from fresh. I've got it down to a fine art...

  thumbscrew 16:50 20 Mar 2015

Ok Ian, thanks amigo I'll bide my time and see what arrives.

  bumpkin 16:53 20 Mar 2015

Clean instal of Win7 onto a new SSD, keep your existing HDD with all your stuff on it also. A 120GB for about £40 should give you some amazing results.

  bumpkin 16:59 20 Mar 2015

Keep all of your data, photos etc. on the HDD. Reinstal any frequently used program to the SSD.

  thumbscrew 17:04 20 Mar 2015

Thanks bumpkin, but really reluctant to go down that road. With my limited expertise a catastrophe would almost certainly be on the proverbial cards (It's happened before!). That would involve an engineer and I'd prefer to explore any and all options before that.

  rdave13 17:07 20 Mar 2015

In the mean time try downloading and running Process Explorer . Under the view tab just tick 'show column heatmaps' and 'show processes from all users'. You can see what's going on and what's eating the cpu usage. Whatever is running high you can right click and select search online. It will bring up IE with google suggestions.

As above, hopefully Fruit Bat /\0/\ will be along and post his excellent list.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:24 20 Mar 2015

"I've seen a few free so-called clean up programmes online, but unsure if they're trustworthy"

I wouldn't recommend any of those programs that claim to make your PC faster and better as they're little more than snake oil.

Most of the time poor performance is caused by a rogue process hammering the CPU and/or using all the physical memory. Lack of RAM is also another common cause. When the cause has been identified then it'll hopefully be easy to fix.

Would you be prepared to troubleshoot those possibilities?

  thumbscrew 17:24 20 Mar 2015

Thanks rdave, got an errand to run for an hour, on my return I'll get on to that and anything else that's there. May I just repeat, I'm a tad worried I'll delete something important as it's not too obvious what's what so to speak.

  thumbscrew 17:28 20 Mar 2015

Will do secret squirrel, as I stated I'm away for about an hour at least, then I'll have a go. One more thing, sometimes it speeds up and returns to at the present, however one false move (or press) and it's crawling again. Thanks pal.

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