Help Needed with Outlook crashing

  Mick Thacat 21:24 15 Feb 2018

Greetings; Every time Outlook opens, it opens on a recent email and tries to read it. There is something wrong with this email, and before I can delete it, the program crashes. I tried opening the program in Safe Mode, but it still crashes before I can delete it. Is there another way to delete the problem email so I can stop this repeating loop? Thanks in advance for all help offered,

  wee eddie 22:18 15 Feb 2018

What Anti Virus are you running?

  Mick Thacat 22:57 15 Feb 2018

I am running Panda

  Mick Thacat 18:48 16 Feb 2018

I tried to repair Office; it would not "complete successfully". Safe mode didnt work. Is there a mode where I can go in and try to delete emails in Outlook without Outlook trying to process the email? I do have the "preview" window turned off in Outlook....

  Secret-Squirrel 08:49 17 Feb 2018

Mick, I have a couple of ideas but you first need to tell whether it's Windows's Safe Mode or Outlook's Safe Mode that you've been trying? There's a big difference.

  Mick Thacat 17:43 17 Feb 2018

thanks for your help. I was trying to solve it via Windows Safe Mode, did not know that Outlook had a Safe Mode

  Mick Thacat 17:48 17 Feb 2018

BTW this is Outlook 2007 (Office 2007)

  Mick Thacat 19:37 17 Feb 2018

managed to delete the bad email. Thanks

  Secret-Squirrel 19:39 17 Feb 2018

Thanks for the extra info.

Outlook's Safe Mode is a good way to determine whether a faulty add-in is causing the problem. Here's how:

Hold down the Windows Key on the keyboard then press R to bring up the Run box. Type outlook.exe /safe then press OK. Let me know whether Outlook opens OK or not and I'll advise further.

By the way, I very much doubt that it's an email that's causing Outlook to crash because the Preview Pane is disabled.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:41 17 Feb 2018

managed to delete the bad email.

Ooh err - does that mean your problem's fixed now?

  Mick Thacat 20:26 17 Feb 2018

Thanks. Just FYI, neither outlook/safe nor outlook.exe/safe would work for some strange reason

What I did was click the outlook icon then hit the delete key right away; after many atempts it finally worked

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