Help needed with OS/APPS and Storage separation

  gerry66 20:53 13 Nov 2006

I have read all the threads concerning separate partitions for the OS and programs etc, but if it is possible can someone point me in the direction of a more detailed explanation.

I have reasonable pc expirience so partitioning etc is not the problem. What i need to know is how to redirect the programs so they don't cause problems with the registry, how to change paths for storage for "My Pictures" etc, is it best to have a separate partition for the paging file?.

I have a 30gb hd on my laptop so space is a "minor" issue as i have an 120gb external for transfering to.

After a clean install using this method i intend on backing up the OS/page file and programs once everything is running how i want it.

Any info or a link to a step by step guide would be much appreciated. I know its a lot to ask if you have to dod a play by play for someone but you will obviously understand that it's something that is worth doing right and is definately worth learning right,(you never know, i might have to teach someone else one day).

Thanx in advance.

  gerry66 21:26 13 Nov 2006

Actually, i have just read about this for the 1st time in the july issue and as i live in sweden thats ur reason why i'm behind the times.
Please help

  brundle 21:31 13 Nov 2006

Move `My Documents` and useful backup tips click here.
Use TweakUI to change `System Folders` locations click here

No point moving the paging file unless it's on a separate IDE channel or SATA drive, there is no performance improvement otherwise.

  LastChip 21:38 13 Nov 2006

You have to accept, 30GB these days is a relatively small hard drive, so your options are to some degree limited.

First lets look at the operating system and applications.

There is in my view, very little advantage in separating these. Why? Because almost all applications write entries into the registry and therefore, if you're faced with a re-install, all those entries would be lost and the applications would cease to function.

Quite the reverse, is separating out your personal files. If you save them to a separate partition and a re-install is required, providing you leave that partition alone, all your personal data will remain safe. The easiest way is to establish your My Documents folder on a separate partition and then all files within will be re-located.

Nothing of course, will take the place of regular back-ups. Indeed, if you get a hard drive failure, all your data will be lost anyway.

Now to the thorny subject of paging files. click here for Microsoft's view and you will see they recommend placing a second paging file in its own partition on a separate drive. Clearly from what you describe, you do not have that option and for what it's worth, in my experience, it's not worth the effort on a small drive to separate it out. The performance gain will be minimal and probably imperceptible.

  gerry66 23:12 13 Nov 2006

Ok, Questions:

1, Should I make a programs folder on the "D" partition? and redirect all app installations to that folder. Will this affect the registry?.
2, Do i need 10gbs for windows alone on the C partition as stated in the July issue?
3, Do i need to resize the paging file?
4, Is there anything else i should do/create?

Thanx again

  gerry66 17:39 14 Nov 2006

still hoping for some answers on this.

please help if you can!

  Danoh 18:00 14 Nov 2006

1, As LastChip has covered ~ No, no point. Yes, where pgms are installed is recorded in Windows registry.

2, Yes, but especially if you also include app programs and all the necessary temp folders for OS and app programs' to function.
With a smaller sized partition, you are better off doing more frequent redundant file clean-ups.
Disk Cleanup + Start> Run> %temp% {delete all files and folders you find)

3, Page file size; depends on how much RAM memory u have and what apps you tend to run.
Worth achieving a "defrag" by removing and recreating the Page file.

  gerry66 19:43 14 Nov 2006

Brundle, Lastchip and Danoh, thanx very much for the help. I shall test the method anyway to see how it runs. I am caught in the middle of what you say which I have great respect for and what I have read in the july issue of pcadvisor which "Advises" the use of separate partitions for OS and programs and even a 3rd for storage.

I'll post the results to see if there is a marked improvement.

Thanx again

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