Help needed to open Seagate 2TB Ex-Drive

  zxscan 23:25 09 May 2011

Sys files been moved to Folder(same Ex-Drive) and whilst did work on old PC, everything was OK, but now (got another PC) can't connect to Ex-Drive. Supose, PC can't find Ex-Drive's Sys Files. I'm right? If, Yes, then have any ideas, please? p.s. Seagate service haven't any answers, on any question answer is: the same Help sheet, but there are not answer on my question, sorry. So, thank You for any idea, how to solve this. I know, simplest way is to forgot, but there are 2TB's. Thank You.

  lotvic 00:09 10 May 2011

Sys files been moved to Folder(same Ex-Drive) and Supose, PC can't find Ex-Drive's Sys Files

Please explain what you did with more details. Also what operating system on old pc and new pc?

  BRYNIT 00:09 10 May 2011

A little more information may help others help you.

What OS are you using. How are the Ex-Drives connected. Is the drive showing in in Disk Management. Do you ge any error messages.

If the Drives are showing in Disk Management check they have a drive letter assigned.

  lotvic 00:20 10 May 2011

Also need to know which Ext-Drive you have Seagate Ext-Drives there may be some software you can download to fix it.

  zxscan 00:23 10 May 2011

More Info : Old Pc : OS Win 7 ; New Pc : OS Win 7; Connection: USB 2.0 ; Nowere can find any connection results. At start, when plug in started to spin, but thats it. No one warning from PC. Looks like, PC ignore at all. Is it possible to use the same SysFiles from analog Seagate Ex-Drive?

  zxscan 00:27 10 May 2011

Seagate Expansion 2TB External Drive; USB 2.0; ST320005EXD101-RK;

  lotvic 00:44 10 May 2011

Was it you that made a new folder and moved the SysFiles into the folder?

  lotvic 01:02 10 May 2011

At start, when plug in started to spin, but thats it

Does it continue to spin or does it power down and go 'dead'

Have you checked that all the leads are firmly plugged in and not loose?

Have you tried putting it in a different USB port? and if possible can you try it on a different pc.

The model you have seems to be a plug and play and does not require any additional software.

  zxscan 08:01 10 May 2011

Yes I made folder and move SysFiles to it. I'm scared to lost some of them (why Seagate left SysFiles able to see, don't know, I think they have been hidden, as for Windows), and PC+ExDrive still worked on old PC. Yes, ExDrive tried to connect (all time spining: faster-slower, faster-slower); Yes, tried to connect to different USB ports. No result.

Thank You.

  zxscan 08:12 10 May 2011

Tried to connect to different PC (Win XP Pro). Also started to spin (at least ten times clicking (something trying to do) and gone sleep. No one message or warning on screen got. Can't recognize and I can't to see this Driver anywere. Thank You.

  lotvic 15:08 10 May 2011

Have a look through the posts on Seagate forum as there seem to be some issues with that model of drive, it may have gone bad and not be an issue of the sysfiles.

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