Help needed with nVIDEA card

  Skeletor 12:07 28 Aug 2003

I have recently started watching DVD's on the television via my PC. Everything is fine untill the action scenes, when a horizontal line appears halfway down the screen and the picture becomes slightly jerky. I suspect the graphics card is having trouble keeping up with the amount of information being fed to it. Which probably means that I don't have it configured correctly or the card is just not up to the job. It is an "nVIDEA GeForce4 MX 440SE" which came preinstalled.I would appreciate any advice on correct setup or whether I should upgrade (nothing too costly please)

  rickf 12:20 28 Aug 2003

This card should be able to do the job. Have you downloaded the latest drivers which is 44.23 from nvidea?

  Terrahawk 12:58 28 Aug 2003

click here
for latest drivers

  Skeletor 14:24 28 Aug 2003

Thanks guys,
You're right, I don't have the latest driver (doh!). I've downloaded which seems to be the latest. Haven't time to try it right now, but I'll give it a go later today. Keep you informed, Cheers

  rickf 15:18 28 Aug 2003

make sure you uninstall old drivers first. This is essential with nvidea drivers and shut down anti-virus and firewall before installing. Good luck.

  Skeletor 22:01 28 Aug 2003

I've tried the new driver, had a few problems though... wish I'd seen your last reply "rickf". Had a few glitches, evetually had to uninstall then reinstall the new driver. It seems to have a few more features, but hasn't solved the problem. The only remedy I can find is to reduce "Color quality" to 16 bit in "Display Settings"... Maybe I should have tried this first, but is it normal to have to reduce Colour quality? By the way, can't use TV with Windows Media Player, only Power DVD. Think my setup must be a bit adrift!

  sil_ver 22:10 28 Aug 2003

PowerDVD is probably set as your default player. 16bit is not as demanding as 32bit but you will hardly notice the difference on screen.

  Skeletor 23:06 28 Aug 2003

Hi sil_ver (I'm trying hard to resist the obvious Lone Ranger reference)
WMP is my default player but it just wont play DVD's on my TV, plays OK on PC monitor, but nothing on the TV, where as Power problem, apart from the horizontal line, so I suppose I'll have to stick with 16bit...or buy a dedicated DVD player.

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