Help needed with motherboard and memory card

  erkmatrix 19:59 21 May 2005

Hi I have ordered a new 512mb memory card for my Time Mirage PC to boost up the memory.

My mother board bios code is

I order a 184-pin DIMM DDR PC2700 512MB CT6464Z335 Memory card which was told would work with my motherboard.

Only got back from the shop which is in Hull 24 miles away and noticed the memory card they have given me is a Elixir M2U51264DS8HC3G-5T 512mb DDR 400Mhz

Does anyone know if this would still work and also got no instructions at all on how to install it.

Can anyone help please.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:10 21 May 2005

No harm in trying it; if it does not work, then it will simply refuse to boot.

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  erkmatrix 20:17 21 May 2005

Erm Should I wait until monday though just to ask this company, Theres no way I can knacker the whole machine installing it if its wrong,is there?

  gudgulf 20:29 21 May 2005

No you wont break your computer(providing you dont do anything silly when physically inserting the new stick)....what will happen with a bit of luck is you will have an extra 512 MB of working ram.The faster DDR400 stick will run at the slower pc2700 speed.At worst the new and old memory will be incompatible and the pc will refuse to boot or not recognise the new stick.

My own pc runs perfectly well with a mix'n'match combination of 4 sticks of ram from 3 different manufacturers(one is an Elixir brand)and specifications.Give it a might save you a 48 mile round trip.

  erkmatrix 08:39 22 May 2005

4 sticks of ram wow. how much ram do you have then with all 4.

Maybe I'll give it a try, read a bit about this grouning yourself touching non painted metal and that before you open the back up, is that really nesessary.

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