Help needed with Motherboard & CPU

  danrumsey 09:06 12 Mar 2006

Hi all,

I've recently decided that its time for an upgrade from my current PC and was wondering if any of you can help me with an issue regarding a new processor.

I currently have a Intel Celeron, 2400Mhz processing chip, but am looking to upgrade to Intel Celeron D 345 3.0Ghz. I have a 478 socket Kobian PVM266aM-P motherboard and was wondering whether the CPU that i'm looking to upgrade to, will fit ok in my current motherboard? I have a heat sink/fan already, but will I need to purchase a new one in order for it to work with this upgrade?

I'm not very clued-up when it comes to building PCs, and would also appreciate it if anybody could tell me which type of tower case would be suitable to upgrade to. I've seen midi towers, ATX towers and full tower cases, but unless I know which one I should go for, i'll probably end up spending money on a case that doesn't fit my motherboard.

Also, any other information regarding upgrading CPU's would be great, because as I mentioned above, Im not very clued-up on these kinda things

Thanks in advance

  rmcqua 09:22 12 Mar 2006

I think the New CPU will be OK in your m/b but, to be honest, Dan, you are not going to notice any significant performance improvement over your existing processor.

  danrumsey 09:40 12 Mar 2006

thanks for the quick reply.

So what would you suggest in order to boost my PCs performance? Im a student and dont have the money to go out and buy a brand new PC, or even to build a new one from scratch.

All Im really looking for is a cheap, effective way of upgrading my system. I dont play games on my PC, it is mainly used for music production and editing. I have recently purchased 2gb ram, 300gb HDD, 256mb graphics card, but now I need a new CPU upgrade. My PC runs ok with programs such as Propellerheads Reason 3.0 and Soundforge 8.0, but when selecting audio files, it slows down a bit and freezes for about 2 seconds.

This dont bother me too much, but I was hoping that with a 3.0ghz CPU & 2GB of Ram installed, it would run a fair bit better than what im currently using - 512mb ram & Intel Celeron 2.4ghz CPU???

  wobblymike 11:15 12 Mar 2006

I must agree with rmcqua - your current set up is fine for all mainstreaming computing - your proposed set up will give you little or no visible benefit other than if you were doing heavy duty video processing - short of that don't waste your money theres not much amiss with what you've got. Perhaps a bit of house keeping would be a better investment - clean up your registry - get rid of temp files and cookies, defrag the OS disc etc etc.

  danrumsey 12:16 12 Mar 2006

Cheers for the advice wobblymike.

However, if I keep my current CPU and add the 2gb of Ram that I purchased, will this make a REAL difference? I

  danrumsey 12:18 12 Mar 2006

Cheers for the advice wobblymike.

However, if I keep my current CPU and add the 2gb of Ram that I purchased, will this make a REAL difference? I assumed that having a better CPU would have done this, but obviously not??

Can anyone please help me on my issue with the PC case? Even though I am not fully upgrading my system, I would still like a new case as Ive got an old silver one that seems to be falling to bits (the bay covers at the front are all missing plus the side of the case is damaged). One last thing - if I purchase a case without a PSU, can I upgrade it with any one, or is there a certain type?


  wobblymike 12:24 12 Mar 2006

Adding your new RAM will do no harm but again I don't think you will see a huge improvement in performance. Windows is pretty comfortable with 512MB of RAM and increasing it, in my experience does not bring a huge performance boost.

As regards your case - have a look on e bay there are loads of decent case c/w PSU at good prices. If you want to move your existing PSU you can get cases without one fitted. Note - if your existing PSU is less than 300 watts - get yourself a new one with the case.

  Totally-braindead 12:35 12 Mar 2006

I would have a look here for a new case click here

  danrumsey 12:46 12 Mar 2006

Thanks again to all.

Is there any way of telling which *type* of case that I need? As I mentioned in my original post, I have seen ATX cases, midi cases and full cases. After running Everest on my PC, it says that my motherboard size is 190mm x 240mm. Will this fit into any case or does it have to be a certain one?

  Totally-braindead 12:46 12 Mar 2006

Should have also said I agree with the others about the processor, I too think you will see very little, if any, difference in speed between a 2.4 ghz and a 3 ghz CPU.
Also think the best thing to do is some gousekeeping particularly looking at programs running in the background.

  Totally-braindead 12:47 12 Mar 2006

Appologies for the spelling, of course I meant housekeeping.

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